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  1. RedSavage1

    Critique Swap--Chapter for Chapter

    Trying to get back into this writing thing. SO. I will do a straight critique swap. Chapter for chapter. I've only got one at the moment, but there's more incoming. Link for the work is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14730374/ Darkworld is a story about a strong willed woman named...
  2. RedSavage1

    Your thoughts on a "Closed Race"

    One of the artists I watched submitted a scrap of a character she had adopted, which is of a "closed race" of critters called Stardashers, created and/or drawn by a few users on FA. (Namely, DeleteTheStars, CloneClone, and Raptorslut... charming.) "Closed Race" apparently means that no--you...