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  1. CyberFoxx

    Setting up BIOS

    OK, I'll just ignore the fact that I can just compile in the AHCI driver into the Linux kernel and it works and I get NCQ and all those other wonderful features even though I got the BIOS set to IDE Emulation. (Windows Server 2008 also uses the "Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series SATA AHCI...
  2. CyberFoxx

    Setting up BIOS

    Ya know, I always find it funny when people say the whole "And remember to set it to AHCI! You won't get <insert random features here> otherwise!" Thing is, if you install the proper drivers and are using Vista/7 (Sometimes even in XP), even in the IDE emulation mode you'll still get those...
  3. CyberFoxx

    "newest version of flash required"

    Did you install Flash for Firefox, or IE? Both are separate downloads and plugins. Windows Live Messenger uses the IE core to render a lot of it, so you need to get the IE download of Flash.
  4. CyberFoxx

    MSN Download Without Essentials

    Both aMSN (Written in tcl/tk) and emesene (Written in python, and the one I currently use) are great opensource Windows Live Messenger clients. You just need a Windows Live (That's what it's called now, not Hotmail, MSN, etc. It's "Just one service". Oh, and they'll be renaming it again soon...
  5. CyberFoxx

    Newest Firefox (10.x) permafreezes when starting youtube vids.

    Does Firefox freeze and actually stay frozen? If it's Flash that's bugging out, it may seem like Firefox freezes till it finally realizes that the plugin has gone out to lunch. If Firefox unfreezes after a couple minutes (I think it's supposed to be 45sec, but it always seems to take longer)...
  6. CyberFoxx

    Is my PC considered "High End"?

    "High end" and all related terms are subjective. Does the computer do what you want it to do with reasonable speed and quality? Then it's High end. Does it seem to take a tiny bit longer than it should, or do you think the quality could be a bit higher? Medium range. You are damned sure things...
  7. CyberFoxx

    Mass Effect 3 to be Origins-only on PC

    *Sigh* I might as well install Origin then. At least I can add ME2 and Dead Space 2 to Origin, in case I ever lose my discs, which is unlikely...
  8. CyberFoxx

    Linux users - What is your favorite Linux distro...?

    Gentoo. Although, even though I haven't ran it in a long time, I still have a fondness for Slackware. Pretty much "cut my teeth" on Linux with it. Hmm, I think it's time I make a VirtualBox session for it and see how it's changed over the years...
  9. CyberFoxx

    What Race will YOU choose for Skyrim?

    Kawa-Khajiit... If DesuChan is able to port them over. ^_^
  10. CyberFoxx

    Blizzcon and WoW: MISTS OF PANDARIA

    No playable Murlocs? LAME! But honestly, I can't wait for it to come out. The talent/spec tree changes for Druids will be welcome for me.
  11. CyberFoxx

    What kind of PSU wattage do I need for 10 HDDs?

    I say go for 600-watts. Always good to have too much, than too little. My experience with finding a PSU for a drive-heavy setup: I got an old Celeron D set up as a JBOD. Sure, the Celeron D series wasn't really known for being low power, and it has six semi-old PATA HDs (13GB, 2x20GB, 120GB...
  12. CyberFoxx

    SUDDENLY, An Autumn Banner For You

    Hmm... No Rednef... Meh, it's not that good. I kid, I kid. It's best banner I've seen in this site's entire run so far.
  13. CyberFoxx

    Firefox Hangs

    Also, a good thing to do, if you ever need to re-create a profile, is to setup Firefox Sync before hand. Firefox Sync will optionally upload your bookmarks, history, preferences, passwords and tabs to Mozilla's servers. And you can have it all encrypted of course. I think Firefox Sync has been...
  14. CyberFoxx

    Interesting Installation Error

    Yup. That's pretty much what I do with my copy of the Double Deluxe pack. I have never been able to get it to install correctly from the disks, only from the images I've made of my disks. When installing from the disks, sometimes the installer would fail, sometimes it would silently continue...
  15. CyberFoxx

    Interesting Installation Error

    The original Sims games are known for having outright broken DRM schemes. In fact, EA officially recommends installing from disk images and using no-cd cracks for them. (Sadly, can't find the original post in their consumer support forums since they've redone the site...)
  16. CyberFoxx

    Deus Ex

    Invisible War? Never heard of that game. Only Deus Ex games I know of are Deus Ex, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In fact, when I try to look it up on Wikipedia I just get a page with "Fanon Discontinuity filter is in effect." Still, part of me can't wait to play Human Revolution. But, another...
  17. CyberFoxx

    linux users, help me out here

    Easy and lightweight? ... Xubuntu and Lubuntu maybe? A distro that uses either XFCE or LXDE as it's Desktop Environment should fall under at least lightweight. Easy to Use is mostly attributed to Ubuntu and it's ilk. I would suggest Slackware, but you have to be willing to "learn" in order to...
  18. CyberFoxx

    The Demise of Square-Enix

    Personally, I wish they'd do remakes/sequels of games that actually need it: Einhänder, Threads of Fate, The Bouncer (Er, wait, that became Kingdom Hearts), Seiken Densetsu 3, the full real version of Xenogears. And since they own Enix: E.V.O: The Search for Eden (Honestly, with today's...
  19. CyberFoxx

    Login/Password Problems: Weird as hell log-in problem.. o_O

    I seem to remember, at least a couple times, when the site was put into a "read-only" mode. This was quite a while back, so maybe that broke, but if not, maybe it'd be a good idea to at least use that whenever something like this happens. Just tossing the idea out there...
  20. CyberFoxx

    Is there a offline mode for TF2?

    Wish you could play the Half-Life 2 single-player campaigns with TF2 features like you could do in the original TF. Would be really fun...