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  1. Winter

    Cancelled shows you wish would come back

    I would have liked to see Constantine continue.
  2. Winter

    Racing Movies

    It is. But when I was little I loved it. Too bad they took the full movie off Youtube when they started making sequels, I'd love to see it again.
  3. Winter

    Racing Movies

    I really like This one.
  4. Winter


    Here's some bands I think deserve more recognition:
  5. Winter


    How about some electronic-ish metal?
  6. Winter


    I thought Caesium was killed by Brutium.
  7. Winter


    Plutonium is the choice for death metal fans.
  8. Winter

    Favorite Music Videos?

    I really like this one.
  9. Winter


    How about this guy?
  10. Winter

    Erotic music/songs and sexual association

    This song is so sexy it made it onto the infamous Filthy Fifteen list of songs that will instantly turn your children into devil-worshipping, mass-murdering sex fiends.
  11. Winter

    What's The Cutest Things You've Ever Seen!

    What about the husky who doesn't want to go to the kennel?
  12. Winter

    Whats your fave TV show?

    My all-time favourite show is Red Dwarf, so I'm currently on tenterhooks for the new season. Only 2½ weeks left...
  13. Winter

    where are the metalheads at?

    Some tunes from the North: For CANDLEMASS fans.
  14. Winter

    Best book series that you have read that is not very well known

    I always like to promote Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner Series (7 books, starts with Luck in the Shadows) and Tamir Triad (3 books, starts with The Bone Doll's Twin). Both are very well-written fantasy tales, set in the same world but at different times. Memorable characters, imaginative settings...
  15. Winter

    Angriest songs you know

  16. Winter

    Metal Metal Land

    Does anyone else love Avatarium? The Girl with the Raven Mask Boneflower Moonhorse
  17. Winter

    Rate The Song Above You!

    A very good song to play on the car stereo, going for a drive in the countryside, windows rolled down in the summer heat. 8/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phJlr-hZOhw
  18. Winter

    Jurassic world was awesome

    It was an okay movie, no more, no less. Lots of action and pretty well acted, and plenty of dinosaurs. Writing was really bad, though. Stilted dialogue, paper-thin characters and far too many plot conveniences. As many have pointed out already, how often does cell phone coverage go down in the...