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  1. Patchclaws

    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    i watched a ton of horror movies recently and almost all of them were really bad, but a few were ok. here's my ranking i guess? best: the house jack built > the tortured > tusk > circle > the invitation > the ritual > gothika (couldn't even finish it) : worst thats just my personal onion tho i...
  2. Patchclaws


    I have 2 open collabs featuring my scalesona if anyone is interested in ship art with them? anyone is welcome to join! the second one is also a ych so if you want me to draw your character in there for you i can for $5 ;3c
  3. Patchclaws

    How long does it take for you to draw?

    my usual art generally takes about 30 minutes to 4 hours, but it goes up from there if there's backgrounds, several chaacters, or lots of painty style rendering. this took me like 20+ hours if i'm remembering correctly and its always the rendering that takes me the longest for this style of...
  4. Patchclaws

    Guilty Pleasures

    kpop TvT i understand the industry is bad and some of the big fandoms are really really gross but the groups i follow are such a positive influence on me seventeen? absolute angels. they encourage me to work hard and strive for what i want but also take care of myself love them to death
  5. Patchclaws

    AMA: Fursona edition!

    both! i dont especially like being asleep. what kind of clothes do you like? if any?
  6. Patchclaws

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Angel Design + Full Ref Sheet - $30 FLAT

    trying to sell this design for $30 <3 really super need the cash. he comes with a full ref + concept art - once bought, you can change design / gender and you may resell / trade art and design are by me
  7. Patchclaws

    Art Trade: LF Art / Trades

    sorry ;v; if u look towards the bottom of the thread you will see i already posted yours :0c i certainly dont mind waiting if you have a big workload though! i've waited 2 years for pretty simple art before and im waiting on a headshot ych from june right now haha i'm very patient abt it- so...
  8. Patchclaws

    Ask The User Below You Anything

    baseball!!! wish i could play in a team :v what's your favorite store to shop at?
  9. Patchclaws

    Art Trade: LF Art / Trades

    @Dreamweaver sorry about that! wasn't paying enough attention :v is this alright?? @Asher Grey - finished yours up!! lmk if you'd like me to edit it at all though!
  10. Patchclaws

    Art Trade: LF Art / Trades

    and here's just proof that i've been slowly going through all the trades whenever i have the free time
  11. Patchclaws

    Art Trade: LF Art / Trades

    That's so good! that's them! thankyou sooo much <3 i love how the colors came out! may i post it to my page with credit and redirect?? i'm sorry- i had yours done on sunday but i got really caught up in a bunch of irl / social stuff and didn't get the chance to post it- lmk if i should change...
  12. Patchclaws

    Clip Studio Paint Help!

    i havent updated mine in forever so my version probably looks a tad different- but here's the settings i use- if you use similar settings and it still looks odd do you think it could be your tablet? the only other things i can think of is i know the for effect brush will turn out different then...
  13. Patchclaws

    What is the avatar above you thinking?

    woof woof whats for lunch lol
  14. Patchclaws

    Art Trade: LF Art / Trades

    if you could use any bright colors other than purple that'd be good!!
  15. Patchclaws


    everyone's really out here looking like furries here's a super recent one of me wish i had cuter clothes tho :c
  16. Patchclaws

    Who are you in real life?

    i'm a recently graduated art student from a big school who made hella high marks and made good connections. now i'm just trying to break into the storyboarding field. at the moment im living right outside LA (thousands of miles away from my family) working at a pizza place and selling art on the...
  17. Patchclaws

    What was the last thing you ate?

    ahhh teriyaki sounds so good ;-; i had some chocolate
  18. Patchclaws

    The user above you has been arrested

    arrested for assuming your scalie is more powerful than mine
  19. Patchclaws

    Art Trade: LF Art / Trades

    @Aqua-Spirit22 Yes i do!!! you can check my DA for human examples @Dreamweaver cool! I'll try to have my end done tomorrow .v.