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  1. Blu-wolf

    Using subtitles

    I must be unusual--I will load subtitles on my own movies even though I can hear fine (usually using headphones) and the movies are in my native language. For some reason, I like having the words at the bottom. There are times I think actors mumble too much and it really is hard to hear them...
  2. Blu-wolf


    Time to get real geeky here....anyone have any experience with usb-c? Supposedly its the next "big thing" out there that allows you to charge, power, and transfer data all with one cable. For those that are early adopters and have laptops or tablets with this connection, what are your thoughts...
  3. Blu-wolf

    Another wolf in the pack.

    Hello everyone. I've recently decided to join back up and talk to others in the furry fandom. I had previously been part of an old furry forum back on ezboard when I was 18 or 19, then life got in the way, and that site was hacked, so the old forum disappeared. Now I have my career under me...