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  1. Sprite

    Forum Adult Content?

    I'm confused as to whether discussing or posting explicitly mature or adult content is allowed anywhere on the forum. I've checked the forum rules, but I wasn't able to get a clear answer. For clarification, the relevant rule says this: If there was a blanket ban on adult content I would have...
  2. Sprite

    Main Site Sheep Aren't a Species

    Despite sheep being one of the most ubiquitous and easily identifiable animals in the world they aren't included as a tag under FurAffinity's categorization system. There are nearly 150 unique Species tags available for critters both real and fictional, but not one of them exists for the poor...
  3. Sprite

    TOYHOUSE.SE Codes?

    Hi, I recently discovered the Toyhouse website and wanted to register but realized that in order to do so you need an invite code? This seems to be a big problem for people trying to make an account, and I was just wondering how people went about getting a code. As far as I can tell it seems...
  4. Sprite

    Is This Name Feminine or Masculine?

    What if your first impression of the name "Sprite"? Does it come off as more of a masculine or feminine name? Please be honest, I'm trying to get as much of an unbias opinion as possible. Sprite, the character in my avatar, used to be a femboy until I discovered more about myself and realized...
  5. Sprite

    [Serious] What Should "Intersex" Characters Be Called?

    Let's say a character exists who appears to be biologically female in every way except for their genitalia. In place of female genitals they instead they have a complete set of perfectly normal, functional, male reproductive organs. This character was born this way and is neither hermaphroditic...
  6. Sprite

    Artist Vanished - What Do I Do?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. But I'm not sure where else to turn to and I'm growing increasingly concerned by the minute. I commissioned an art here by the name of PrivateCompanyMan. They sent me an email after I opened a hiring thread. You can view the thread here. I...
  7. Sprite

    Lesbian College RP

    Were you looking for a girl to roleplay with or anyone with a female character?
  8. Sprite

    How Do You Feel About Adopts?

    I personally enjoy adopts. At least when they're well-made. I think the common argument against them is that buying an adopt is considered lazy, and people should instead take the time to make a personalized design themselves. But this can be difficult for some, as not everyone is artistically...
  9. Sprite

    What Makes a Roleplay Fun?

    Role-playing is one of my favorite things. I spend hours writing up backstories, personalities, quirks, powers, and more for my characters. I simply love fleshing them out and really figuring out who they are as a person. But sometimes, I take them into a role-play and nothing seems to click...
  10. Sprite

    (CLOSED) NSFW Reference Sheet - Companion Piece

    Hi! I'm looking for some to create a companion piece for my character's reference sheet. They are a demigoddess with some minor shape changing abilities, which she sometimes uses to grow a penis. I need a pose to express this fact along with showcasing her weapon. You can see both the...
  11. Sprite

    (CLOSED) Design a Dress for my Femboy

    Hi, I'm looking to have someone draw my femboy character in a dress. His name is Sprite, and you can find pictures of him here. [LINK] I would prefer to use the first image as a reference for his body shape and hair. I like it a lot more, but the second picture is there to show off his...
  12. Sprite

    (CLOSED) Reference Sheet for Bird Sona

    I'm looking to have a reference sheet made for my Griffin Vixen adopt. Griffin Vixens are a closed species by Mothux. Since the characters all start from the same base I'm looking to have the design changed a bit to make mine more unique and personal. I would like to give the character some...
  13. Sprite

    Need NSFW Reference for Chubby Herm (CLOSED)

    I recently purchased an adopt and was looking to have it fleshed out and defined better than its original, simplistic picture. The character is a hermaphroditic dragon with a heavyset, chubby build. I'm specifically defining their race as sea dragon. I have some specifications as to exactly how...
  14. Sprite

    Animated Discord Avatar

    I'm looking for someone to make me an animated avatar for my Discord account. It's for my sheep fursona Sprite, which you can view a picture of here. I'm looking for something that's simple and will look good, even within the confined area Discord gives for profile pictures. I would appreciate...