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  1. deeryme

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Cards Against Humanity.
  2. deeryme

    I'm actually not a very good cook, I just enjoy baking (and being an idiot when baking for the...

    I'm actually not a very good cook, I just enjoy baking (and being an idiot when baking for the lols). Though, when I have a fever I eat like mad and kinda sorta don't pay attention to what I'm eating >.<
  3. deeryme

    things you just dont understand

    It's about a 75cm long, 50cm wide and 40 cm deep. I think the tray is big enough. Doesn't matter what I use (I've used loads of trays), they seem to prefer crapping on the edge on things. If I buy an enclosed litter tray, they sleep in it and poop on the edge of other things instead, like the...
  4. deeryme

    Paranormal Occurences

  5. deeryme

    things you just dont understand

    Why my cats must artistically drape their bum-nuggets over the side of the litter tray and onto the floor, but not in it? This has me perplexed.
  6. deeryme

    Favorite Mario Game?

  7. deeryme

    Paranormal Occurences

    The house I grew up in was creepy, walking into the kitchen and having multiple cupboard doors swing open and things be thrown out of them is the scariest shit I have ever seen and I am so damn glad I don't live in that house anymore. It's also not all that happened, having extremely loud...
  8. deeryme

    Confessions thread

    I live in Australia. Halloween is not an Australian holiday, though some do still participate. Some small neighbourhood areas have trick or treat routes and such availabel for kids and folks do host Halloween parties and stuff, but yeah, not a holiday in Aus so I've never celebrated Halloween...
  9. deeryme

    Confessions thread

    Every minute? Every second seems more appropriate XD Domesticated reptiles that have been bred in captivity don't seem to be as efficient at killing live prey as their wild counterparts. Basically the snakes just look at the prey stupid in many cases and don't know what to do with it/don't...
  10. deeryme

    Videogame Confession thread

    I feel horrible whenever I kill Skaarj in UT04 or characters I like. I especially feel so guilty when I have to kill a nice character because the quest requires it :( I get really bad gamer guilt and so all my characters in games such as Oblivion/Mass Effect/Fallout are good characters. Even...
  11. deeryme

    What Are You Listening To?

  12. deeryme

    Confessions thread

    I don't own any badass reptiles, but they do go to folks who have badass reptiles. I breed mice for show, and what I don't keep is put onto ice for reptile keepers to purchase, though I do on occasion donate a whole heap to a native wildlife rescue when my freezer starts to get a bit over...
  13. deeryme

    Confessions thread

    I confess I no longer have any remorse or sadness for the hundreds of mousey lives I take with my bare hands, it's something I've become accustomed to, and I'll even be found cheerfully humming and sipping a cup of tea while culling mice. This makes me feel like a horrible monster.
  14. deeryme


    It's not something really celebrated in Australia (though some kids go around anyway, and some suburbs are big on it and stores do have small Halloween sections). so I won't be doing anything. I would love to visit a country where it is celebrated and have a great time :D But that likely won't...
  15. deeryme

    Does it bother you when furries dislike you?

    I gave up wanting to be accepted by society, simply because it sucks so damn much. Why should I try to seek acceptance from people who are going to treat me poorly? My happiness comes before their happiness. You cannot please everyone, and over the internet you cannot express tonality of voice...
  16. deeryme

    How Long Does a Fursuit Take to be Created?

    That long huh? A year roughly was what I was seeing but some info I had seen turned them out much faster, while some were over a year. Thanks for the info! Much appreciated :)
  17. deeryme

    How Long Does a Fursuit Take to be Created?

    Hi everyone :) *waves* So I am very much new to furrydom, and I am seeing some conflicting bits of information and am now quite confused. I was seeking to know how long it takes to make a somewhat standard toony fursuit with digigrade (is that how it is spelled?) padded legs? I am starting to...
  18. deeryme

    Popularity of hugs in the furry fandom

    Hi I'm deeryme, and I like warm hugs.
  19. deeryme

    Alternative fursona game!

    1. If your fursona had to be a primate, it'd be... Spider monkey, those critters are just so cute! 2. If your fursona had to be a feline, it'd be... Snow leopard, definitely a snow leopard. 3. If your fursona had to be a canine, it'd be... I'd go with a Tibetan Spaniel, I grew up with one as...
  20. deeryme

    Many Greetings from Australia

    Hi there! Pleasure to meet you :)