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  1. Willow the Wolf

    Show off your Badges!!

    Hiya'!! I'm sure you all have seen the obligatory "Show off your badge collection!!" posts, either here or on other sites. I know I have- I'm obsessed with badges, and I actively seek them out. Naturally, I wanna' ask about your guys' collections! Digital, traditional- doesn't matter! If you've...
  2. Willow the Wolf

    What can you draw on the original MS Paint?

    So, spontaneously, I decided to see whether the original version of MS Paint was online. And it is!! Here it is: https://jspaint.app/#local:e0839cbf7457 This took me about three hours, I'd say. I wanted to see what I could create, and since I'm obsessed with badges, I made myself one! I did...