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  1. Gazirra

    Getting Back Into Things

    Hi! I'm offering only three free commission slots so I can get back into the swing of things. I had my scanner die on me quite some time ago, but I may have found a new way to get my pencil sketches online :) Currently, I'm only able to do pencil sketches until I can afford/learn to use a...
  2. Gazirra

    Need Help Cleaning Up/Coloring Commission

    A commission I'm working on has already been completed with pencil, but I'd like to try to clean it up in GIMP. I already have the image scanned and all of that, but I don't know quite where to go from here. I've never taken a drawing into GIMP at all, and am completely lost. I've tried looking...
  3. Gazirra

    I'd Like Some Pointers

    I'm working on expanding my portfolio and moving towards doing paid commissions. I know I'm not talented enough for paid commissions yet; my work is only black and white pencil drawings scanned into my computer. I'd greatly appreciate any tips or pointers about how to improve. I'm currently...
  4. Gazirra

    Need Help with Commission

    I'm working on a commissioned piece, and I have much of it done. I'm looking for ideas/suggestions on how to finish it. The idea is that the character is rather young, and as he's looking into a pool of water, he sees his future potential. The character is part dire wolf, part wyvern. Currently...
  5. Gazirra

    Free Art: Four Free Commission Slots!

    In order to get some more practice at my art (and to have a reasonable waiting list) I'm offering up 4 free commissions. Just reply to this thread, and you've got it, provided it's SFW and I don't do fetish materials. My art skills are still developing, so it's only pencil art for now.
  6. Gazirra

    Looking for Drawing Tablet Advice

    Heyo! I'm new to the whole commissioned art thing, and I need some advice. As a means to step up my game, I'm looking to invest in a decent drawing tablet. I have an old Wacom Bamboo, but I have a problem in that I'd prefer to be able to see what I'm drawing on the tablet itself. I'd like to use...
  7. Gazirra

    Getting Into Drawing

    I'm looking to get into art for some extra money, and I'd heard of this place from a couple of friends. I'm not 100% confident in my artistic abilities at present, so I'd like to do free art to hone my skills. I'm going to primarily use pencil and paper. I have a tablet, but am not familiar...