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  1. MortemArts

    (Commission) Selling: Commission Prices! starting at $8+

    Hello, so I'm trying to get back to selling art! From the last time I was here I improved. So here are my prices. Prices Bust shaded: $10 Bust flat colored (no shade): $8 Full body shaded: $20 Full body flat colored (no shade):$12 Request that were not listed let me know and I can help name a...
  2. MortemArts

    Tails For Sale

    Price: $45 USD (PayPal only) The shipping price is included in the $45 for US shipping If outside of the US maybe an extra $10 These are the two tails up for sale: Pm me if interested
  3. MortemArts

    Icons, Ref sheets, and more!

    Price starting range is: $10-$20 USD Icons: $10 Bust:$12 Full Body:$15 Reference sheet:$20 Examples of work can be found
  4. MortemArts

    Looking for Specific Kind of art Style for new Character (SFW)

    Well if your interested in my art style prices start from $20 USD depending on the complexity of the character. The ref sheet is an example of my lineless art and is a personal ref sheet of mine.
  5. MortemArts

    Commissioning first sona ref

    I can do one for $45 I had a sketch of a ref for both male and female, and can comfortably fit it into your OC. It just depends on the gender of your OC. I can do lineless, or line art. I also can shade your OC for no extra cost, but that's optional. Below are the ref sheet and an example ref...
  6. MortemArts

    Christmas Couple Art

    I can do it for $30 My art can be found here: Summer Juarez (@_saddboiis_) • Instagram photos and videos
  7. MortemArts

    Reference Sheet Female! $45

    Ref sheet being sold for $45 can be feline or canine. Will be line art. I can do this reference sheet for you especially if this is a new OC without ref, we just gotta speak a lot over discord preferably. Can be shaded with no extra cost if you want it to. 3 SLOTS ONLY Paypal only, USD only Pm...
  8. MortemArts

    [Filled] [SFW] Reference sheet for my sona

    I do not have a deviant art and I do have a FA which I'm barely starting to load my things into, my Instagram has most of my art work I'll leave links Userpage of MortemArts -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Summer Juarez (@_saddboiis_) • Instagram photos and videos
  9. MortemArts

    [Filled] [SFW] Reference sheet for my sona

    I can make you a ref sheet for $55 PayPal, example ref sheets I made, I can adjust my style to fit the preferred anime style you wish This one only has two views but I'll make the three views, since there are some things you want different about your sona. We would have to talk often...
  10. MortemArts

    Your Character Here -SPOOKY-

    Heyo, Im selling a YCH for $30 USD prntscr.com: Screenshot it's will be lineless it will be flat color it CAN be altered to fit your OC gunna be spooki However, must be paid all upfront, PAYPAL ONLY AND USD ONLY please. Want it? PM me. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE DO NOT COPY, TRACE, OR USE THIS ART...
  11. MortemArts

    Need My Last OC Request.

    my Instagram link is Papi Chorizo (@_papi_chorizo_) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. MortemArts

    Need My Last OC Request.

    So I did Noah, hope you like it. prntscr.com: Screenshot
  13. MortemArts

    Need My Last OC Request.

    I need practice in my art so I'll try a bust of Noah, that fine?
  14. MortemArts

    Commissions Open

    Flat Colored Line Art Head shot/ Bust: $5.00 usd Waist: $7.00 usd Full body: $10.00 usd Reference sheet: $30.00 usd PayPal ONLY ****I ONLY DO DIGITAL ART**** ------ Please NO NSFW I can do gore though If you want a ref sheet and have nothing I can reference from, I will msg you often seeing...
  15. MortemArts

    Suggestions For Drawing Tablets?

    I personally enjoy Wacom products, I use a Wacom Intuos