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    Looking for critiques on my Novel

    So i have started writing a Novel titled "The Last of the Umbra'Kahn." It is a fantasy novel with furry characters, but i intend for it to stay PG-13. (Maybe R depending on the amount of violence, but it will not contain any yiffing). Anywho, i have completed the first 5 chapters and posted them...
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    The Golden Compass / The Northern LIghts

    I was wondering what other people's opinions were about the books and the new movie coming out in december. Personally i absolutely LOVED the books. Seriously one of the best fantasy/sci-fi novels i have ever read. Im really looking forward to the movie and hope that they dont ruin it like they...
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    Hello! New to Furaffinity but not the fandom

    Hello everyone! i am new here at Furaffinity. however i do have an account on Yiffstar. i heard good things about this site so i thought i had better try it out :D