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  1. Rookridge

    Looking to maybe do an RP today.

    So as the title says im looking to do an RP today more specifically an NSFW one with not to much plot or setting just kinda getting straight in to it. So feel free to hit me up if interested will give more detail then.
  2. Rookridge

    Need for speed 2015

    Finally it would seem that the guys at EA have removed there head from there a** and actually put time in to a game and it looks amazing finally there going back in to the underground style/car culture type of need for speed that was a big success for them to begin with. So I wanted to see what...
  3. Rookridge

    Xbox one and Forza Horizon 2

    Hello I'm Rookridge and I'm looking for some really cool new people to play with on Forza Horizon 2 or any other Forza unless it's Forza 4 I'm banned from that. So if you would like to post your GT and we can meet up and play sometime.