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  1. Darklordbambi

    My shallow and somewhat embarrassing secret.

    Holy shit this is me when I text without editing, and I type with one index finger and hold the phone with my other hand. With my thumbs I'd be screwed =P
  2. Darklordbambi

    Leaving Neverland: Abuse happens to boys too

    I'm probably very ill informed on this, considering I haven't kept up with the Michael Jackson stuff since 09, but didn't one of the two kids who he was brought to court for admit his parents made him lie, and then the other one's dad hung himself shortly after Jackson's death? He could have...
  3. Darklordbambi

    Anyone else have trouble keeping up with the Fandom cause of ADD?

    I don't really socialize on youtube so much as watch vids. I suppose the comments section is a bit of "micro-socialization", as in while I'm talking about stuff with people it's usually one or two replies at most, and I never get to know the people, vs actually making friends and getting to know...
  4. Darklordbambi

    Anyone else have trouble keeping up with the Fandom cause of ADD?

    I do think this is definately part of it. Like, I just worry when I leave a server or something I'm cutting off a potential social avenue. At the same time I also have been rethinking about quality instead of quantity. I find forums remind me of the olden days where I'd make friends on forum...
  5. Darklordbambi

    Vent Thread

    I hate my ADD right now, and I hate how I feel like I haven't made deep connections in a couple years, how I've strayed from forums and not taken my time to meet worthwhile people. I miss having a more active internet community to talk to like I did in my teens and early 20's. I'm nearly 25 now...
  6. Darklordbambi

    Anyone else have trouble keeping up with the Fandom cause of ADD?

    I ask this because I notice I'm not good at remembering to check places, hell, like this one to see if they're active, or keeping up with the furry discord servers I'm on. I feel like I can get distracted by a video and forget what I was gonna do for hours. This happens to me even when I'm...
  7. Darklordbambi

    United Fluffbutts Discord Server

    Send me a link, I'll give it a look.
  8. Darklordbambi

    Any ancient members still around?

    I was here on my old account before I lost the password ages ago, Jesus. Musta beeen 2009/2010 or so.
  9. Darklordbambi

    Open Chat

    Hey, depraved affection is the best kinda affection, call me ;D But seriously, it sucks to not get enough affection.
  10. Darklordbambi

    Open Chat

    Y'ever just really need a cuddle? My loneliness has been getting to me this evening more than usual :/
  11. Darklordbambi

    What’s on everyone’s mind?

    Wondering where to meet more fellow furries I could bond with cause I'm a lonely bastard.
  12. Darklordbambi

    (New) New Furry Server on Discord!

    I'd love to check it out ^^
  13. Darklordbambi

    Fuck cancer.

    Cancer fucking sucks. My dad got diagnosed with prostate cancer, luckily it seems like we caught it early and it doesn't seem like we'll be losing him any time soon, but it's still pretty damn scary. Apparently he had lead covering his pelvis as to not spread radiation to my mom when she came in...
  14. Darklordbambi

    Worst Console Ever?

    If Xbox One had gone with it's original plan of ending physical copies, 34/7 internet requirements, etc., it would have been the worst console ever. Outside of the obvious ones like CDi, Turbographix, and Virtual Boy, I'd say the original Xbox was pretty bad compared to the rest of the market...
  15. Darklordbambi

    Being short is starting to get annoying

    Being a 5'5" guy it means I can fit into smaller spaces and have more room for myself, I also feel more inclined to lose weight as it always ends up looking more apparent on me than on taller people.
  16. Darklordbambi

    Who Here Suffers from Anxiety?

    I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Most of my anxiety comes in the form of existentialism or just weird, creepy, and confusing feelings. I often find myself struggling to feel more alive, trying to feel like I'm following or chasing a purpose, and my mind wanders a lot whenever I get...
  17. Darklordbambi

    Open Chat

    By the way can we please pin this thread for future spam invasions?
  18. Darklordbambi

    Rate The Song Above You!

    7.5/10, I liked the mid part of it, reminded me a bit of Tool and Mastodon who I love as musicians, but a lot of it was kinda droll to me. Was an awesome experience tho for the most part. Bill The Fridge- Seattle Romance
  19. Darklordbambi

    Open Chat

    And the North Koreans have struck again. To the bunker everyone!
  20. Darklordbambi

    Am I The Only One That Finds This Funny?

    What are you commenting on? I'm pretty sure most "fuck you furry" posts are trolling, like 90%. You can usually weed out the obvious trolls in any situation pretty quick, it takes work to find someone who just genuinely hates you for whatever's in your icon.