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  1. Aurorans Solis

    What Have You Done with Your RaspberryPi (or other boards)?

    Got a handful of them here myself, and I've mostly been using them for (Discord) bot hosting or contributing a little bit to various distributed compute projects (GIMPS and BOINC mainly). Just have 'em on reserved IPs in a little box on my floor and used aliased IP addresses on my...
  2. Aurorans Solis

    Furryland Discord

    topkek at [unnamed lagomorph]'s last post ˙ ͜ʟ˙ I mean, I could write out everything wrong with it, but that'd probably have to be a two-parter what with the 10k character limit here. The salt levels are unbelievable. I have actually fallen out of my chair.
  3. Aurorans Solis

    Furryland Discord

    wewe had me a read of a certain someone's last reply (so sorry, can't say who! It's against the rules to attempt to address them, so I'm stopping at addressing what they've said), and oops, that was a mistake. I'm not done with my fun yet ˙ ͜ʟ˙ About characters 385 through 698 (not including...
  4. Aurorans Solis

    Furryland Discord

    lmao can't quote Bun anymore, presumably because she blocked me.
  5. Aurorans Solis

    Furryland Discord

    Belittlement: Check. More belittlement: Check. Even more belittlement: Check. Can you do anything else besides that? I'm disappointed, Coma. I expected more from you :/ Oh, and as for me? I'm shitposting, so you can eat my ass ˙ ͜ʟ˙ (Edit done here - removed meta info on quotes what for...
  6. Aurorans Solis

    Furryland Discord

    Oof, ow, ouchie, your words totally hurt or something. In any case, I guess it's time to put on my normal tone and write up a witty reply. Pathethic how low people will sink to try to blame someone when they've got jack-shit to go on. Over a Discord server. Next time, try taking a moment to use...
  7. Aurorans Solis

    Furryland Discord

    Oof, press F to pay respects. I guess things didn't go well lately? I'm in contact with people who were still in the server when they started noticing that FL was missing from their server lists. Welp, you know what they say!
  8. Aurorans Solis

    How do you like your eggs?

    Can't have eggs with the yolk anymore, myself. Used to be just fine but now they really don't sit well with my stomach. Egg whites are fine, though, so I have egg rounds (on English muffins with Cholula and bacon or sausage) or scrambled egg whites with cheese and hot sauce or salsa.
  9. Aurorans Solis

    Looking for members for a zombie apocalypse RP (Full)

    I don't follow your rules, Yaka :v Name: Lysander Iuba Gender: Male Age: 22, birthday on Spooktober 7th. Orientation: aro+♠ Occupation: Engineering student at university Disposition: quiet and non-confrontational, but can be convinced to be a bit more outgoing. Candid unless otherwise...
  10. Aurorans Solis


  11. Aurorans Solis

    Robotics and stuff

    I do electronics n' robotics n' stuff for fun. Working on a major project including both of those things right now, and I've got a number of other projects on the side that are more on the mechanical engineering side of things and include less about robotics and electronics, though it wouldn't...
  12. Aurorans Solis

    Anyone want to work on a coding project?

    Just use Blender's game engine ˙ ͜ʟ˙
  13. Aurorans Solis

    Soon 2,500 Likes Milestone Commission Event!

    I choose 73, the best number before 3435.
  14. Aurorans Solis

    Fan Thread For Underappreciated Active Member: Yakamaru

    Why would you do this? S'okay, dad, don't worry 'bout it. It's all good. All seriousness aside, why can't I deny it? I've mostly just been observing the family of gits, I think.
  15. Aurorans Solis

    Fan Thread For Underappreciated Active Member: Yakamaru

    Gonna have to report that for too much git content.
  16. Aurorans Solis

    The Official Birthday Thread!

    October 7th, here.
  17. Aurorans Solis

    Oh dear.

    Oh dear.