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  1. Darklordbambi

    Anyone else have trouble keeping up with the Fandom cause of ADD?

    I ask this because I notice I'm not good at remembering to check places, hell, like this one to see if they're active, or keeping up with the furry discord servers I'm on. I feel like I can get distracted by a video and forget what I was gonna do for hours. This happens to me even when I'm...
  2. Darklordbambi

    Pokemon Go?

    Anyone download Pokemon Go yet? I got it and was lucky enough to catch 3 pikachus and get a medal for it, as well as catch a WILD Rhydon. I chose Charmander as my starter and been loving this game so far. So, what about you guys? Hatched any eggs, evolved any pokemon? Gotten any gyms yet? Tell...
  3. Darklordbambi

    Visual Novel/Choose Your Own Adventure games?

    Anyone else big into the sorta Choose Your Own Adventure/Visual Novel sorta scene? I play a lot of games from Choice of Games,(Which are basically like online choose your own adventure books) specifically liked one called "Creatures Such as We" which had some great depth in terms of theme as...
  4. Darklordbambi

    How long until the Korean spammer gets banned?

    Seriously, he's been posting a thread once a minute per hour, for the last 2 hours. Are there tech problems banning this guy or are the mods all just preoccupied at the moment? Is this really the best North Korea can do, spam a forum? :U
  5. Darklordbambi

    Anyone Heard About the new Fight Club 2 comics/graphic novel?

    Yup, Chuck Palahniuk has made a comic sequel series (that's been compiled into a graphic novel) to his book Fight Club that was adapted into the movie of the same name. Fight Club 2 takes place about 10-15 years after Fight Club 2, and shines more light on the Origins of Tyler Durden, and is...
  6. Darklordbambi

    Lesser Known Artists You'd Recommend to People?

    I feel like mainstream music has gone through a period of major saturation that seems to be slowly recovering, but I still feel like a bunch of lesser known artists don't get some of the recognition they deserve, and so I like to recommend them to people listening to for some new tunes, so I...
  7. Darklordbambi

    Helloooo (Insert major city near you here)!

    So first of all, the name here is ironic, don't flip your shit I'm not some edgy tween, it's based on this picture; Yeah sorry to violate your eyeballs with that, but I found some humor in the irony of a gingerly deer looking like the rabies infected spawn of satan so the name was born (I...