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  1. Zrcalo

    IBFC and AZFC

    Anyone in here going? I'll be tabling and its a pretty fun con imo. AZFC isnt small either. its growing pretty fast. wondering if anyone here is going.
  2. Zrcalo


    Hello! I'm offering to turn your artwork into a button! BUTTONS ARE 1.5" SIZED. Not too big, not too small! 5 buttons minimum $6 (FREE SHIPPING) 10 buttons $9 (FREE SHIPPING) 20 buttons $15 (FREE SHIPPING) 40 buttons $27 (FREE SHIPPING) 40+ add an extra $3 for shipping. Please contact me for...
  3. Zrcalo

    Thread for the weird by the weird.

    So we all know that furries are weird. But.. what are the /weirdest/ furries? I'm not talking creepy or drama-riddled. I'm talking about genuine WEIRD. WHAT IS YOUR WEIRD-O-METER? WHO ARE SOME PEOPLE THAT ARE ABOVE AND BEYOND THE WEIRD-O-SPECTRUM? also: SIX. THOUSANTH. POST...
  4. Zrcalo

    stream closed!

    YEP! you heard it! Now to make things simple.... 1) have a refsheet, written description, or image example of what you want me to draw! 2) PLEASE POST IN THIS THREAD FIRST SO I CAN KEEP TRACK OF WHO JOINS. I'll get three headshots done, definitely. After those three, I'll accept others IN THE...
  5. Zrcalo

    [SOLVED] Cant reply to threads?

    Hello! it seems that I cant reply to any threads? But I can edit my posts, and evidently create new threads??? whenever I go to the bottom of a thread to reply I see "(Please see reply restrictions that apply here.)" I was posting normally and then suddenly I was unable to. I do not have the...
  6. Zrcalo

    Who remembers old FAF?

    Where's all the oldfags at? I also miss "broke the 10k barrier, hasnt seen the sun" when you had more than 10k posts. post about the good 'ol times.
  7. Zrcalo

    Beginner foam fursuit heads!

    So I'll be teaching my girlfriend how to make foam heads. Thing is, I already have a fiberglass resin head that's nearly done. I was wondering if someone wanted to buy it completed (its a canine head) so I could input money into training my girlfriend. Not only that, but what is the current...
  8. Zrcalo

    WILL DO EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING FOR MONIES -- hiiiiigggh qualityyyy -- good prices!

    EACH PIECE WILL BE FULLY PAINTED WITH A BACKGROUND Portraits: example: $10 ea. + $3 per character. minimum Canvas size 500x500 SLOTS: 1. 2. 3. Full body: Example: $20 ea. + $10 per character. minimum Canvas size 800x600 SLOTS: 1. 2. 3. Backgrounds only example: $15 ea. minimum...
  9. Zrcalo

    Zombie rabbit fursuit head for sale! Silent hill cosplay! also hawk mask!&commissions

    Okay so me and my gf made this fursuit head to sell before halloween. http://www.ebay.com/itm/320774739753?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_500wt_1287 if anyone recognizes him, he's robbie the rabbit from silent hill (which she's absolutely obsessed with) orrrr it could...
  10. Zrcalo

    Furaffinity account name "Dogs" for sale! also more!

    not sure how to do this... anyway, I've decided to sell the account "dogs" on furaffinity. I've also got the account "fleas@ymail.com" up for sale ... name your price!
  11. Zrcalo

    Furries IRL - People you wouldn't have ever thought they were into that

    True odd bizarre tale I must tell you all. So I have a friend called Andrew and he's really cool and plays in bands and such. So he says that a room opened up where he's staying at and that it costs only $200 a month. Naturally I got all excited, and wanted to find out more. Well he's a very...
  12. Zrcalo

    CUSTOM MADE BUTTONS $5-$6 ea! YOUR ART or mine!

    EXAMPLES: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5136107 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5136098/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5136051/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5136022/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5136012/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5135925/ BLACK AND WHITE IS $4 ea here are...
  13. Zrcalo

    Seriously how furry can you get?

    So there are the people who buy anthro porn, pay people for murrsuits and end up on the tyra banks show. then there are the people who draw the porn, get monies, make the murrsuits, get more monies, and end up with monies to have a social life and get a job at walmart. then there's the...
  14. Zrcalo

    Sad about not having a fursuit for halloween?... commission me so you will next year!

    I'm looking for commissions to be completed in december/january, etc. ..I've made 3 digitigrade legs and now know how to sew on a machine yay! airbrushing is ALWAYS included. partials starting @ $400 and fullsuits starting @ $800! prices are (excluding shipping) only offering all-foam heads...
  15. Zrcalo

    OFFERING - hand carved wooden badges starting @ $10 ea also fursuits & art!

    >:3 'allo. Chances are you may know me from here, though I havent been on because I've been addicted to wajas and been OUT IN THE REAL WORLD ZOMG. anyway, my fursuit commission this month flailed out on me because their machine broke soo... I'm opening up for regular 'ol art commissions. I...
  16. Zrcalo

    SELLING= FULL FURSUIT Fox Jackal canine starting bid is $300!!!!

    XP okay so it's a weird jackal... but everyone thinks its a fox... but.. whatever... here's the auction! http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1018082.html
  17. Zrcalo

    Moving out

    moving out... what is it like? how many people on FA have done this? how many losers still live at home? it's funny for me because my two best friends are moving out and they're far younger than I am. dammit I'm 21. D: but I'm scared. my "stable work" is making fursuits for y'all...
  18. Zrcalo


    I SPRAYPAINTED OVER AN OPEN WOUND what should I do@?@???!??!?! oh GOD IT HURTS it's starting to dry now... what do I do???? it's an open burn wound that I accidently peeled off the hot glue on and it ripped my skin off... OH GOD also, have the rest of you peeps ever burned...
  19. Zrcalo


    ....I THINK HES A FAG DOCTOR WHO discuss this new doctor who. honestly... I think he's awesome. and I fucking love the new writer. david tennant can go kiss my ass.
  20. Zrcalo

    Furry Fiction and FA-- seriously textual porn?

    seriously. how lame.. yet its so HILARIOUS. anyway, this thread is about textual furry things. like stories, rp's, whatever. dude, I feel like making a story about the furries on FAF, but have it make no sense whatsoever. like screaming and yelling and shit.