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  1. JerryFoxcoon

    Some sketches from my (messy) sketchbooks

    I had another thread here, but I feel like starting a new one LOL. In the last couple of days I started to work on the anatomy and proportions. They already look a lot better than before! This is my sketch from last night. It took 2 hours, which is longer than usual, but I wanted to take my...
  2. JerryFoxcoon

    Am I really this noob at socializing?

    Sounds rather dumb, but yeah... Long story short I've had issues keeping contact with other people all my life, and I always thought it was my fault. It isn't totally true, but I don't think it is totally false either. A succession of manipulative idiots combined with 12 years always getting...
  3. JerryFoxcoon

    Staedtler Lumocolor permanent markers?

    I've sketched things from time to time to convince myself I have some potential LOL, but now this step is done so I'm slowly preparing myself to get to the serious stuff, including gathering all the materials I'll need, pencils, paper, bristol and all that... Then comes my question. I have a...
  4. JerryFoxcoon

    My furry alter-ego

    The process that lead to my current fursona is pretty weird... I didn't even like CREATED a "fursona" so to speak. It all began in high school when I had to create a character for a comic project we had in art class. I basically took Tails, removed one tail and added square goggles. Original...
  5. JerryFoxcoon

    Light boxes for commissions?

    I noticed that light boxes were pretty expensive. Those who can't afford one often built it by themselves, but the result isn't always pretty nor durable... For myself I solved this problem by taking an old LCD TV that was beyond repair (missing stand, video card acting up), gutted everything...
  6. JerryFoxcoon

    Another usual "How is my art?" critique thread.

    I've been drawing for years, but only pretty recently did I start to draw in a more serious way. Lots of trial and error (and I bet it's not over xD), and in the last few months I finally began drawing stuff that would actually please me. Of course there's always place for improvement, but I see...
  7. JerryFoxcoon

    Greetings from Canada!

    For some reason I never went to the forum since I subscribed to FA in 2010 o.O But whatever xD First I'll start with my own person... My name is Vince, and my integration in the furry fandom hasn't been a one day thing curiously. I first came across DeviantArt around 2007, I don't even...