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  1. Aikoi

    Free art, just because.

    I feel dizzy so I will draw for free. Forgive me if it turns out all crappy and ugly. Only 2 people. This is my drawing-style: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/aikoi/ NO I won't color it. NO I won't color it. NO JUST FFS I won't color it! Instructions: 1) Post your fursona 2) Leave a nice...
  2. Aikoi

    Creeeeepy Pasta

    Here it is, the Creepy Pasta topic. Have you heard a good pasta on the Internet that you would like to share with the others? I'm a huge HUGE fan of these stories! So here's an interesting one. Please KEEP YOUR PASTA ON A SPOILER TAG! This will make the topic easier to read. Thank you so...
  3. Aikoi

    Constructive-criticism is required here

    Hello there and thank you SO MUCH for giving this tiny-lack-of-talent topic a view. So here's the matter, I need some CC on my drawings in order to know how can I improve and make Furry drawings. So far I can only draw humans -anime styled-. So I'm looking for tips as well on how to make furry...
  4. Aikoi

    Letter to Santa

    So Christmas is getting closer, have you thought already what are you going to ask to your Santa? Well... My parents doesn't live with me nor do any of my real family members, but my grandpa (I call him like that just to feel comfortable... but this is another story, hehe.) gives me up to $100...
  5. Aikoi

    Hola there!

    Hello. So I suppose this is from where you start, right? Anyway, I'm from Mexico (keep the 'tacos' jokes for yourself) and I'm studying Professional Photography. Some of my hobbies are writing, reading, spending time alone and photography. I'm not very much of a speaker, probably because, first...