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  1. Catamount

    Group Account Feedback

    -Visual design that is distinguishes it from the user pages, you should be able to tell at a glace that this is not a userpage -Definitely agree to having favs turned off
  2. Catamount

    Filter Revision Proposal - The /AH/ Autofilter

    This might have already been mentioned but honestly I can't read all those pages of stuff, makes me sick. But if you put on new filters there should be a report post button..like on fchan. If users click it the image will be tagged for review by an admin, the more clicks the higher the image...
  3. Catamount

    Image File Sizes

    if you guys do put a limit on file sizes, (which I think is probably a good idea) you should have a somewhat detailed guide on saving images in case somebody doesn't know how to compress images properly...I think its nice of sites that will compress the image for you and ask you if you'd like to...
  4. Catamount

    furaffinity link button?

    I was wondering if there was/is any official link button for furaffinity...you know those little square images that people use to link to a website? example:
  5. Catamount

    Template UI Revisions

    I really like the pull down style menus that appear next to somebody's name in the journal area, but please strive for some unity no matter what you guys do, if something is in one area on one page, it should be in the same area on another page.
  6. Catamount

    system errors up the butt

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: think that about says it
  7. Catamount


    :shock: what a deal! does it come in a suppository?
  8. Catamount


    two more more suggestions... 1. have the login box on the mainpage of FA so you don't have to click login...(similar to phpbb) 2. Design issue: make the column in the outbox of the private messages area, not sender but recipient...that would be much more informative. 3. Design issue: if...
  9. Catamount

    Any good furry games?

    I know this topic is a little old, but I just came acrossed this game and it's completely adorable! http://www.iceage2game.com/ there's a demo here: http://www.gamershell.com/news/28983.html it's a kids game, but it's sooo cute and kinda fun, the worst part is the camera
  10. Catamount


    I've thought this for a while but never mentioned it, I'd like to have a link while viewing submissions or favorites by an artist to go back to that artist's home page.
  11. Catamount

    V3 Status!! W/Pics...

    on the lighter side of things :lol: hehe, just thought this was funny, loaded a page at the bottom it said: Page generated in 26.40952 seconds (-1046.247% PHP - 1146.247% MySQL [ 10 queries ]) ....that is all
  12. Catamount


    I believe the site is just up for testing, the coding is not finalized. see: http://www.furpawz.net/fa/forums/viewtopic.php?t=799&start=30
  13. Catamount

    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    it is much faster :D I just wanted to post the only problem I had (other than stuff that is uncoded) http://www.furaffinity.net/favorites/swiftjames/ Gives mysql error 1054 and never comes up, everything else seems to work. keep it up!
  14. Catamount

    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    yes, I hope we are talking about bad coding here and not so much bad table design. :? Thxs for the update anyways Dragoneer.
  15. Catamount

    Code Update

    Yay! :D The site does seem quite a bit better for the time being....thanks for the update!
  16. Catamount

    Downtime as of Feb. 21st

    I as well really need to stop checking... :( What kind of crashes did you have that can be fixed by more ram?...unusual high load? I feel like we broke something? Anyways...best of wishes, thanks for your guys hard work.