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  1. Th_Mole

    The Unofficial Thank You Thread

    Whoopsie. I missed this: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=24532 No need for a new thread, just go there and say "Thanks"!
  2. Th_Mole

    To the Staff: Thank You.

    Yes, thank ALL of you!
  3. Th_Mole

    The Unofficial Thank You Thread

    That's just what this is. After going through all that, we have FA back again. I want to say "Thank You" to everone who made it possible (staff, donators, & everyone). I'm guessing they don't hear it enough, so here is your chance, everyone. If you agree someone should say "Thank You", add...
  4. Th_Mole

    Will the new server have a beefy right arm?

    There won't be 5, but Yak has this to say in the main update thread on the matter: "In the end FA will have three dedicated servers - database, file server and application server." Maybe they could be reconfigured into a C.O.B.R.A. weather dominator? Just in case the pron gets boring, you...
  5. Th_Mole

    New Servers

    According to the main thread on the matter -- linked directly from the current landing page -- there will be three servers. Patience, people, patience. We donated an amazing amount of money, and it looks like the mods intend to return the generosity with the very best system that can be...
  6. Th_Mole

    New Servers

    Tom & Jerry? Carc & Slide?
  7. Th_Mole

    New Servers

    If there are going to be two servers, how about some naturally paired names, like: Snoopy & Woodstock? Yogi & Booboo? Kevin & Kell? Garfield & Odie? Ren & Stimpy? Dan & Mab? The Mink & Savage Squirrel? Sabrina & Zig Zag?