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  1. Fesworks

    Webcomic Beacon #65 - Furry Webcomics with Dr. Samuel Conway, aka Uncle Kage

    (I certainly hope I am ok with posting this here.) (EDIT: Can a mod please edit the title to replace "episode_65" to "with" please?) Webcomic Beacon #65 - Furry Webcomics with Dr. Samuel Conway Dr. Samuel Conway, aka Uncle Kage (UncleKage.com), joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to...
  2. Fesworks

    "See All Ads" please?

    (I hope this is the right forum to ask this) I was curious if it would be possible to have a link near the ads on the left (or bottom I suppose) to "See All Ads". I know they rotate and such, but sometimes I think people would like to see all the ads... like if they say something, but already...
  3. Fesworks

    I'm writing a "paper" on what a "furry" is... need feedback.

    Hello. I'm compiling a paper on what a furry is... (though there are multiple) at least to me and my interpretations. This is far from being completed, and is heavily based on my opinions. I am only up to the first part of my research as I go over different types of animal characters in art (so...
  4. Fesworks

    ATTN: Webcomickers! I'm looking to organize a small project

    ((OOC: ... actually, could be a big project, but only a month to do it in. )) If anyone has heard of the Crossover Wars http://crossoverwars.dragoneers.com/ Crossover Wars they'd know that its a HUGE crossover event that has been going on since January. Basically the 4th wall is broken...
  5. Fesworks

    Um.... Hello. I'm Fesworks.

    Some of you might recognize me from a few different places, but I'm guessing almost nobody here does. I have not done much with Fur communities, but I'm going to give it a try. Actually, I have a webcomic that I have been doing for almost a year... Started last summer... I was thinking of...