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  1. sixfoot

    Realistic commissions open from $15

    Hi you guys, I'm currently open for commissions. Everything from $15 shaded sketches up to full illustrations are available. 5 slots opened today and will be completed within the next week. Please check out the commissions tab of my page for prices and more information...
  2. sixfoot

    Hi I'm an ant

    Hello all, I'm sixfoot and never been on FA before, woo. So shiny. I'm an artist and I love really good digital painting, so if you know someone who's awesome you can suggest and I'll probably watch them.
  3. sixfoot

    Char Auction - Awesome exotic antelope male with full ref.

    I made this cool ibex-ish dude but decided I don't want him after all, he just doesn't fit me. He deserves a good home though. The starting bid is $25, increase at $5 minimum. Auction ends Monday 10th of June at 5pm EDT. Feel free to bid in other currencies too, just state your bid and the...