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  1. Kamau Husky

    Well hey there Danger! I randomly decided to see if my account somehow still existed in this...

    Well hey there Danger! I randomly decided to see if my account somehow still existed in this place. I can't believe it is still here after almost 7 years (i think?). I was pretty sure they deactivate inactive accounts, but low and behold, it's ALIVE lol
  2. Kamau Husky

    Dead Space 3 Demo

    Sounds like a win. And necromorphs with guns should be pretty interesting lol Makes me think back to halo with the flood spraying plasma everywhere while they whip the shit out of you.
  3. Kamau Husky

    Dead Space 3 Demo

    How about change ups to the necromorphs? Did they add to the list of ways you can be terribly mutilated?
  4. Kamau Husky

    8==========================================D O>-

    8==========================================D O>-
  5. Kamau Husky


  6. Kamau Husky

    Such an active profile! :D

    Such an active profile! :D
  7. Kamau Husky


  8. Kamau Husky

    What is your favorite smell first thing in the morning?

    Mine would have to be the smell of shredded taters sizzlin' on the skillet!
  9. Kamau Husky

    Yip! Hi there! :3

    You will be thoroughly inspected to determine if you can even be considered a "nice member". jk Anywhos, welcome to FA! :)
  10. Kamau Husky

    Rate The Song Above You!

    4/10 Not really my thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb-gI_pFog0
  11. Kamau Husky

    i wanna talk about american football

    Nonesense, that man will surely find a way.
  12. Kamau Husky

    i wanna talk about american football

    Yes, a new era of explosive offensive play would definitely be a welcomed change. And I have been dragged into the whole U.F occult by my parents, so I spend an equal ammount of time watching college football. Also, many of my friends who have graduated play college football, so I usually give...
  13. Kamau Husky

    i wanna talk about american football

    Seems like we both have the same prediction for this year's team, there is hope, but not really enough of it. At least their gameplay brings down ticket prices. For me, its a short 30 minute drive and $75 to see some pro football. If they dont do all that well, its whatever, I still love the...
  14. Kamau Husky

    i wanna talk about american football

    GO DOLPHINS! Please dont suck this year! :P On another note, yay for Two-A-Days again! I cant wait for 30 hours of practice in almost 100 degree weather next week. Time to start drinking gallons of water and actually getting some sleep, because hell lies before me.
  15. Kamau Husky

    What's the stupidest way you've injured yourself?

    Just like any other start to a school day, my ear-piercing alarm jolted me awake. I rolled over to turn it off and ended up smashing it with my hand, which had unfortunately fallen asleep along with the rest of my arm. I laughed it off, accepting the fact that i was gonna need a new alarm...
  16. Kamau Husky


    This looks like what would happen if you took acid in the barbie section of a toy store.And my brain is now SPLODED!
  17. Kamau Husky

    Real Life furry friends

    I recently told a friend that i was a furry, out of pure boredom. Was kind of expecting some explosive reaction, something that would spark immediate conversation, and or explaining. All i recieved from him was, "okay, thats interesting". In the end, i explained a few important points and that...
  18. Kamau Husky

    What cheers you up on your bad days?

    Getting outdoors and doin some fishing, or hitting up the local taco bell.
  19. Kamau Husky

    What Are You Listening To?

    Gears of the Apparatus- Devious http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65aI7hEBZJU
  20. Kamau Husky

    Long Hair

    My hair will never get longer than an inch or so mainly because of football. Football helmets dont get along to great with long hair. I cant have all that hair in front of my face when Im trying to catch a pass. Also, the increased sweat from long hair burning my eyes and clouding my contacts...