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  1. Miles_Rose

    Update Halp

    Okay, so when I first got my Xbox 360 the first game I played was Saints Row 2 but a said no to the update. Now, I can't play online for that reason, how can I fix this?
  2. Miles_Rose

    Exterminatus Now

    I love the comic! :D http://exterminatusnow.comicgenesis.com/ What do you guys think of it?
  3. Miles_Rose

    Anthro Merch

    Is there a good website that sells things like messenger bags, shirts, and such with furries on the products?
  4. Miles_Rose

    Closest con to me?

    What is the closest con to Portland, OR? (Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I'm borrowing a firefoxless computer)
  5. Miles_Rose

    Has Associated Student Bodies ended?

    Has it? HAS IT? I neeed to know! (Sorry for any spelling mistakes except the Neeed one)
  6. Miles_Rose


    Anybody read any of Art Spiegelman's Maus? It's a great comic that I'm into. I just checked it out today, and I fell in love with it! Feel free to share reviews, and talk about the comics!
  7. Miles_Rose

    Oregon Cons?

    Are there any Cons in Oregon? I live in Oregon, and I love cons , but I've never been to any. Answers would be greatly appreciated :3
  8. Miles_Rose

    Is Closet Coon dead?

    I'm a big fan of the comic and I was wondering :3
  9. Miles_Rose

    Create a charicter

    Well, ever since CAC games came into my life, i looked for a website that had guides on how to make characters from other games, animes, or real people, but I never found one. Does anybody know of a large website with guides on how to make characters in various CACs?
  10. Miles_Rose

    Halloween movie furs?

    Any furs out there that are fans of the awesome series or maybe only one or two of the movies?
  11. Miles_Rose

    Furry daydreams.

    My longest furry daydream happened today. It included Anthro Snow Leopard, fursonas, human-to-furry machines, mansions, friends, family, me inventing a human-to-furry machine, final fantasy, Spira becoming, bunnies, crowds, Wakka, and BLITZBALL! In short, I invented a a machine that turned you...
  12. Miles_Rose

    I feel like a furry ^^

    Shen I smile or feel content, In my mind my fursona smiles too. When I feel sad I picture my fursona being sad. I don't even meen to picture my fursona showing emotions. Do any of you do the same thing? P.S. I like it too. P.P.S. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong. I suck with laptops