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  1. ItsFleco

    New to Fandom

    Welcome! Glad to see you giving it a chance! There's a huge variety in the types of people/fursonas and also the way we interact with our fursonas, so I hope you won't feel like you have to feel or act a certain way to fit in. I, for example, have a relatively impersonal connection with mine -...
  2. ItsFleco

    Yet another freaking Discord server (sheesh...)

    This really is a fantastic discord server! No drama, a great assortment of chat rooms to keep things contained and organized (like specific "bot_spam" or "personal drawings" rooms), and great, active members! I've been on the server for about a day, but I already feel like I have good...
  3. ItsFleco

    Is it worth making a furry Discord server?

    It's true! I feel like despite being there for only a day, I've gotten to be pretty good friends with some of the active members! Super glad to have joined :)
  4. ItsFleco

    Members by Species

    Please put me as an Atlantic Puffin under Avians :)
  5. ItsFleco

    Does weakness annoy/disgust you?

    A few years ago, yes. I always felt like anyone who can't improve themselves or get through something deserve the situation that they're in. However, after fighting some bouts of anxiety, depression, and school troubles, I've come to realize that often times, an inability to improve is out of...
  6. ItsFleco

    Open Chat

    High schooler reporting in
  7. ItsFleco

    Modern poetry

    You mentioned disliking modern poetry, but do you like poetry overall? I'm personally a decent fan of poetry despite not being too immersed in it. However, I prefer to write poems rather than read them; even then, I probably don't write good ones by any standards. I mainly enjoy trying to...
  8. ItsFleco

    Let's give this one more try before I quit.

    For me, I don't consider my fursona to be separate from me nor a part of me. It's more like... a mask. I like the idea of having plenty of anonymity when interacting with people so that I feel more confident due to not having to face social repercussions on my "real" self. Sure, online I have...
  9. ItsFleco

    Any ideas for a Avian sona?

    Atlantic Puffin reporting! I think it's great that you're going for something uncommon (but common ones are great too!), so I wish you luck on your search. I went with a puffin for a variety of reasons, but a big pro of being a puffin is that they don't have any particularly fursuit-compromising...
  10. ItsFleco

    hello ♡♡♡

    Hey Stel! Glad to have another member of the community :) I hope you enjoy everything! What species/combo of species is your fursona?
  11. ItsFleco

    Hi! I'm Fluffy Fox!

    'Sup! Super glad to have you here, Fluf. Please enjoy your stay! Anyways, I hope to see you around :)
  12. ItsFleco

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Do I sense a conversation about ice cream?
  13. ItsFleco

    Game: bad genies

    Granted, but that way is by giving yourself a thousand papercuts and you can only become an anthro blobfish I wish my lamp was fixed
  14. ItsFleco

    Hi there!

    Thanks! I'm sure I'll have a great time regardless of any drama. Ice cream is my vice I will share with nobody This is a haiku Tiraer, you're from Hungary? I'm actually gonna be visiting Budapest in three months! Any food recommendations? :D
  15. ItsFleco

    What video game are you playing...

    I've put tons of time into Super Smash Bros Melee. It's such a satisfying game to play and it's a huge plus that lots of my friends are interested in it too. Also, my steam username is Neapolitan (profile picture is an animated dog) if anyone wants to add me!
  16. ItsFleco

    Best video game music?

    I'll come clean: I haven't read the mere 1,400 replies to make sure nobody said linked this already, but here: I'm a huge Super Smash Bros fan (especially melee) and this song brings back memories of Subspace Emissary in Brawl
  17. ItsFleco

    Need Help: my FURst Fursona

    Sorry, you can furget I ever said that... I'll definitely try to take aesthetics into consideration! I don't really plan on using my fursona for RP though - more like letting myself run loose - so I'm not too worried about that aspect. Does having an exotic/uncommon species usually raise the...
  18. ItsFleco

    Hi there!

    Thanks! I also have years of experience RP'ing my human fursona. Basically everything I've said since day 1 has been in character, so I'm pretty dedicated to it :cool:
  19. ItsFleco

    Need Help: my FURst Fursona

    I have no idea how to choose a species, so I was wondering how you all chose yours? I have a lot of the stuff down already, but I have no idea what species I want to be (hence my profile picture)...