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  1. Chiper12

    Really horny.

    Horny for the 90s. :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZbTpANdI54
  2. Chiper12

    Firefox(google) search enginer redirection/hijack virus.

    Anyone know how to remove this? Every time I click a link in google search, it redirects me to some random site like holywood.com or c.enhance.com. I really, really want to remove it. I'm not the best with computers, please help me. ><
  3. Chiper12

    New.. sort of. 'least to the forums.

    Name's chiper12, most call me Matt, or chip. I've been on FA for a while, though I don't really have many friends. I'm not much of an artist either. I still thought it would be nice to introduce myself. I love FA, im a fur, I love WoW, im a tauren. I love animals, and getting out. All that...
  4. Chiper12

    WoW Cataclsym.

    So, any of you wow players out their planning on getting the expansion? What are you doing till then? Im trying to get into a new game till then, or level an alt. DA's expansion comes out soon, and i'll pour my gaming time into that, if im not raiding.