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  1. AviFox

    [FA United 6] Free room for 1-2 at Hanover Marriott

    I've chosen someone. This thread can be closed/deleted.
  2. AviFox

    (sober) 21st Bday Ideas

    I need some ideas of what to do for my 21st bday! My bday is less than a month away (July 2nd). I really want it to be a special day, but I have no idea what to do. Unlike most people, I don't drink and have no intention of drinking on my 21st bday. Who has some awesome ideas for me? :)
  3. AviFox

    FA United 6 - when to buy rooms?

    Registration for FA United 6 is open :) I'm looking into getting a room at the Marriott where the convention is held. When do the rooms start filling up? The con is 180 days away.... I really don't want to get shut out though. Would it be reasonable to assume there will still be rooms available...
  4. AviFox

    Hiring an artist for a fox ref sheet

    I'm looking to hire an artist to do a fox ref sheet for me. I'm a male. My body is bright orange (neon/hi-lighter) My hair is bright cyan. My hair is short. My ears are cyan on the top half, orange on the bottom half (same as my body), and white in the middle. My eyes are blue. The underside...