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  1. RockerFox

    The Derps we Herp

    Anyone else do something that was really, REALLY, stupid; but it turned out to be either fun or just a funny memory For instance: I accidentally took acid once(Accidentally because my friends didn't feel inclined to tell me they laced our drinks with it) and had a one hell of a time. I woke up...
  2. RockerFox

    My Fursona (UPDATE: Warning LONG!)

    I don't know if your fursona is supposed to stay the same or if it is supposed to change just as you do. But since logging in for the first time about a year ago, I have gone through some changes in my life. Some serious, some minor, all the same here is where I, my fursona, now stands: I am...
  3. RockerFox

    Random Question

    Anyone else notice that at any given time on FAF, there will be about 10 members on the site but close to 300 random crusaders of the internet on. Don't know where my point even is for this but I'm just curious about it; I don't know why.
  4. RockerFox

    RockerFox-super sarcastic, incredibly bombastic and now gluten free

    Stats: Age: 16 Sex: Yes please..err, male Trade: Musician Location: USA Backround: RockerFox was born in the summer of 1996 but wasn't found until 2012. He comes from a family of musicians with both his parents playing instruments in classic rock bands even before he...
  5. RockerFox


    Huh? Where am I? How did I get here? Who are you people? What happened to my clothes? That doesn't matter. Where did all these animals come from? What the hell is going on?!? Oh yeah that's right this is a furry forum. Hai guys and gals and everything else in between. Have a nice day or night or...