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  1. Gigglebot

    Anatomy and color on this pic.

    I think it's progressing nicely. The color looks pretty good. Maybe you should think of changing the shirt color so it's not so matchie with her fur color.
  2. Gigglebot

    Greetings from nowhere!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Gigglebot

    How exactly do mental help therapists work?

    It's like dating, you just have to find the right one. I'm sure drugs could get involved but I think not all of them are aloud to prescribe them. Some times you just need an unbiased opinion of your life. You tell them the facts and they can give you advice with no expectations.
  4. Gigglebot

    Need help with shading.

    It's just different values of darkness. Highlights will make a dramatic difference. They kinda go hand in hand with shading.
  5. Gigglebot

    Need help with shading.

    I think your shedding is pretty good. I sis notice the hair anz pants didn't Have any highlights in them. I think that would help.
  6. Gigglebot

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi! It's a pleasure to meet you.
  7. Gigglebot


    I think that looks absolutely great!
  8. Gigglebot

    Are You Shitting Me?

    I guess it all depends on the mind set you want to watch the movie in. Do you want to laugh at stupid jokes? Do you want to turn your brain off? Do you want to not have any mental growth after the movie? If yes watch one of that companies movies. The real question is why do so many people want...
  9. Gigglebot

    Are You Shitting Me?

    I personally thought Jurassic Park was a good movie. I know it did very good in the box office.
  10. Gigglebot

    Theological Mature Discussion anyone?

    I remember in catholic school i was contemplating god in my first grade mind. If god created the universe the universe would be like a blank piece of paper before he made it. But who would tear the perforated sides of the paper off? (it was a old, OLD school printer) Its one of those thoughts...
  11. Gigglebot

    Furry convention locator tool

    This is pretty nifty.
  12. Gigglebot

    What would kid you think of you now?

    Kid me: "Well we aren't sticking to that whole marriage and family time table we set up. BUT we finally got a puppy and that's what really matters."
  13. Gigglebot

    Tired of food

    I think I will have to do that.
  14. Gigglebot

    Tired of food

    Well I don't get to eat lunch and I'm not very good at eating breakfast so my life rides on dinner( a whole different problem). However I love the crock pot! Anything made in that I'm down to eat. I will admit I've never had rabbit.
  15. Gigglebot

    Hello~ ^3^

    Hello :)
  16. Gigglebot

    Tired of food

    Very hot in Florida
  17. Gigglebot

    Tired of food

    Maybe for others. I think I just stick with the same foods and should branch out more often. Except for fish......that's just icky.......
  18. Gigglebot

    You know summers finally arrived when....

    Possibly. Florida has had several days with the heat index over 100°
  19. Gigglebot

    Tired of food

    I guess I'm alone on this boat then :)