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  1. sicklyseraph

    Momi's Commissions ($5+)

    Contact: Deviantart Discord: momi#6757 Email: milkshroom@gmail.com ____________________________________________________ -Short TOS -I require payment up-front. -If you'd like to see more examples of my art, most of my stuff is on Deviantart (linked at the top)! -You can contact me on here...
  2. sicklyseraph

    Free Mini Pixels (OPEN)

    Hey! I wanted to make a few anthro pixels with a base I have! All you have to do is reply/message me with a reference of your character! I won't be doing all of them, I'm just gonna pick some that I like! But please don't be afraid to post/send your character! I'll message you the finished...
  3. sicklyseraph

    $10 Headshots

    UPDATE: I can still accept commissions but my tablet pen is being wonky right now which proves to be a bit of a problem. I can still work a bit but I ordered a new pen which should arrive within a week. This is just to let anyone know in case they wanted one within a short time-frame...
  4. sicklyseraph

    Pixel Icon/Pagedoll Commissions

    I do custom pixels of humanoids/anthro and ferals! Icon Examples(50x50): Pagedoll Examples: Terms/Rules/Stuff: - I accept paypal (USD). - Prices start at 5 USD for an icon and 7 USD for a pagedoll - If interested just send me a message/note or just reply/comment. - If you'd like to see...