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  1. Ojikori

    First exposure to furry?

    Hmmm I'd say anime which led along the track to discovering what Anthropomorphic was. At the time my Xbox live tag was An Anthro Fox cause I always loved foxes and such and well...that led to meeting more furries which well the rest is history. Always did look into odd things when I was younger...
  2. Ojikori

    How many WoW Furs are there here?

    I play fairly often so feel free to add me if you wanna chat or maybe run something. Got a few 110's on durotan. Ojikori#1395 ((All 1394 previous ojikori's were purged for my glorious ascension mwuhahahahaha. No but really why add so many numbers to things there probably are only one of.)
  3. Ojikori

    FES ( Fur-Esports) Looking for all gamers

    Would be nice to find more people to game with but its been ages since I had people to play with like with any dedication. Definitely rusty on league now.
  4. Ojikori

    Password recovery issue

    Same issue here. I sent aan email but I bet it will be awhile before I get any response.
  5. Ojikori

    League of Legends thread?

    Yup your bad and you should feel bad! Joking aside though gratz on diamond.
  6. Ojikori

    Anyone play Path of Exile?

    Title kinda says it all I guess. Been looking for more people to play with since the expansion is coming out and my buddies are not always on. Would love to find a few furs to march wraeclast with. You can find me with my witches name Line_Zappa (I know real original huh? heh)
  7. Ojikori

    League of Legends thread?

    I think my icon kinda says a bit heh. Been playing awhile. Got to gold 5 last season and still have to say I love Vlad. I love team fight characters and Vlad's Hemoplague and Tides are lovely for them. Been mainly jungling anymore though so if anyone needs a jungler for ranked lemme know. My...
  8. Ojikori

    Currently/Recently Playing Thread

    League of Legends and Lots of Path of Exile while I wait for the PoE expansion and the division.
  9. Ojikori

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Was playing FFXIV but its down so now the waiting game.
  10. Ojikori

    League of Legends

    Username: Ojikori Nisia Server: NA Been playing the game awhile but i'd be nice to find a few more players to play with if anyone wants to add me. I play Blind pick and draft and sometimes ARAM. I'd love to do ranked though someday.
  11. Ojikori

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I meant as in I hate being sniped.
  12. Ojikori

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I have been playing black ops and I must say I very much prefer it to MW2. Running and gunning is now much more possible than in MW2 but they have not crippled a players ability to camp and set up a defensive perimeter. I really find it hard to explain how but it just simply is a lot more...
  13. Ojikori

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    In regards to campers...I always feel that you can't blame the game for what the players are choosing to do. You can't program a player...only a game.
  14. Ojikori

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I am playing Killing Floor right now...I think I'm hooked.
  15. Ojikori

    Diablo II and/or LoD expansion

    I'm sure this is Necro posting but I still play if anyone wants to message me...My name is Ojikori on battle.net Us.east
  16. Ojikori


    You'd hate my deck then...It's a dark world deck. They love to swarm the field and quickly at that.
  17. Ojikori


    Yep...it sucks
  18. Ojikori


    Man I still play from time to time with a few friends and I plan to go to regionals this year as well. It's still fun for me. I run a Dark world deck. However the series lost me at motorcycles...like others have said.
  19. Ojikori

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I'm back at Diablo 2 again...I dunno why but the game just keeps draggin me back man!