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  1. Remy

    Free/$1: Week 2!

    Free/$1: Week 3! I am offering free sketches (and for a -very- small fee, inks & colors) Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/remydraws/ That being said, I don't think I'll be comfortable with complex characters just yet. Please have simple characters, also, I prefer visual refs...
  2. Remy

    Help Remy out of her funk.

    I am offering free doodles. That being said, I don't think I'll be comfortable with complex characters just yet. Please have simple characters, also, I prefer visual refs over descriptions. I'm sorry, I'm just better with pictures than words. They will be mech. pencil sketches. Unless...
  3. Remy

    Nekogirl Reference Sheet

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone to perhaps throw me together a reference sheet for my nekogirl character, Remy. (Yes, she -was- originally a snow leopard. a revamp was needed to reflect my new interests) I'm willing to spend around $25-30. Perhaps a bit more if swayed. My icon is a...
  4. Remy

    Boom! HEADSHOT. Remy as a Sniper?

    So my darling boyfriend got me addicted (as in, I don't have the game yet and I'm like OMGSPAZZ.) to Team Fortress 2. My favorite? RED Sniper. Why RED and not BLU? ...Red is one of my favorite colors. Lovely artists who know TF2, here's where you come in! Sketches, inks, icons, pixels, I...
  5. Remy

    Cheer Me Up?

    Well, to unfortunate events I lost my RL job on Monday, so I'm now struggling to obtain another one. I've had the job for going on four years now and I thought I was doing really well. Blah. Anyway, if anyone's up to do it. I'd love some art of Remy or of Remy and Tithe, my new love's...
  6. Remy

    Remy or Remy/Kazy

    Hey all. :D I can't get enough of art of my fursona, Remy. And since I've been commisshing like crazy, my funds are goin' down. Sooo. I decided to let the free artists come to me this time. :) I'm looking for arts of Remy by herself or couple art of Remy and my hubby's fursona, Kazy...
  7. Remy

    AnimeNEXT Furs?

    Anyone attend AnimeNEXT in (now Somerset, NJ)? I've been there the past two years ('08 '09) and have seen quite a few partial suiters, I wouldn't know if they're into the furry fandom or are just 'nekos'. I'm planning on going in '10 on Friday and Saturday. as my own variation of Harley Quinn...
  8. Remy


    Hey all. I'm looking to get my hands on two sets of ears/tails. Right now I'm just trying to get some quotes and an idea of who's out there that can do it. I'm looking to have them done for a convention in June (AnimeNEXT) Then Remy, why are you looking NOW? Because I'm a) planning ahead and...
  9. Remy


    Uhm. I totally didn't catch this part of the forum yet. My name is Sara, I'm 21, I live in NJ...yatta yatta yatta. I'm horrible at these introduction things. If you wanna know more, I killed braincells thinking this out: http://f.remyland.net/ooc.html