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  1. Jaime Brown

    (Commission) Selling: Pride Chibi Commissions (ONLY $7)

    All month I'm doing a chibi special! Your character in Pride attire! Flat rate of $7. Extra Character is double. Message me if you're interested.
  2. Jaime Brown

    (Commission) Selling: April Commission Sale

    Bump! There are 15 more days left in the sale!
  3. Jaime Brown

    (Commission) Selling: April Commission Sale

    Hello everyone! I'm having financial troubles for this month, therefore I'm having a sale! So, I’m holding a sale the entire month of April! Full bodies = $15 Halfbodies = $10 Reference Sheets = $25 Additional characters will be plus half price! Example: Full body + extra character = $15 + $7.5...