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  1. Infinipede

    Pixel Art + Binary

    Hello! I'm a pixel artist who also does digital work and character design. The best way to contact me is through Furaffinity, Deviantart, or emmaeboers@gmail.com. My Terms of Service Inquire for NSFW TOS/pricing/examples Small Pixels $10-$15 $15-$20 (animated) Transparent work 50x50 -...
  2. Infinipede

    i'd like to DRAW

    Aaaaaa thank you so much! love how sassy she looks :D
  3. Infinipede

    Digital Badges 3 Slots

    Mesmer would be neat, if you'd like: ref here and in my avatar No text or anythin', if you do it.
  4. Infinipede

    i'd like to DRAW

    If you'd like: Mesmer the Hypno Maia the Centipede-taur Madara the Tsuchigumo (Arachne) Baba Yaga Pick whatever interests you.
  5. Infinipede

    Iron Artist Challenge

    If either of these characters interest you: Mesmer (Hypno Pokemorph). Maybe lifting something heavy or getting ready for an MMA match? Maia (Centipede Taur) [nsfw reference sheet], Probably out foraging for herbs or guarding something.