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  1. FrisbeeRolf

    Ignore feature: Why ISN'T it here?

    C'Mon guys. With all the drama that goes on this board every day, why isn't there an ignore user feature? There are some people that we just don't want to see post. They make us rage like hellfire inside. So many flame wars could be averted with this simple feature.
  2. FrisbeeRolf

    Read thread options

    Unless I'm totally missing it, this forum doesn't have mark thread as read options. It's bugging me how a lot of post I've never seen before are marked as read when I log in. Anyone have any idea how to work this?
  3. FrisbeeRolf

    MMORPGs - I'm at my wit's end

    Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs have such potential, they create a world of their own and through them you may lose your troubles of the day. They spark imagination and new ideas yet keep people from achieving great things. People wrongly devote their lives to these games for no real purpose...