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  1. Not-a-DJ

    LEGO furries fighting in animal shaped weaponized vehicles.

    Pictures of 2013 LEGO sets have been showing up around the internet now. The basic premise of one of the new themes, Legends of Chima, is that there's a bunch of plastic blocky furry characters using one wheeled animal shaped motorcycles and larger vehicles also shaped like animals to battle...
  2. Not-a-DJ

    What do friends/family think?

    Don't flip out right away, this isn't another one of those "OMGZ HOW CAN I TELL MY FAMILY IM A FURRY!!11!!!" threads. Rather, I'm wondering what other people (friends, family) think of it, assuming they know, that is. Do they find it a fun hobby, think it's weird, not care at all, or something...
  3. Not-a-DJ

    This should be interesting.

    So, hi. Finally got around to signing up here, been lurking for about a year (so if I screw up horribly, I have no excuses... Yay). About two years ago, when I was 13 (For those who struggle with basic math that means I am now 15) I stumbled upon this comic. Don't even remember how, but I did. I...