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  1. Aerovanthe

    New artist and Rper here!

    hello welcome welcome :D
  2. Aerovanthe

    Fetish stuff

    I'm always up for a chat about this; just not publicly. protec the chilrens
  3. Aerovanthe

    Any neopets players?

    I wish I could remember my login information, but I can't. I've tried many times over the years, and because I can't remember what items I have in my inventory or who my friends were.. I must be trying to break into a like 20 year old neopets account. x) So I gave up. u_u
  4. Aerovanthe


    Hello everyone! I am seemingly forever new to the forums, but have been quietly apart of FA for a long time. I can never seem to remember that there is a forum available, so here I am! I am trying to bring myself sort of back into the scene since my last partner and I split up. I am just a...
  5. Aerovanthe

    Prefered horror games

    I recommend Doki Doki (steam) but WITH the warning that it is a psychological horror. It comes with warnings that those with mental issues (myself VERY included) should use caution when playing it. It is a good game though.
  6. Aerovanthe

    Free Art: A headshot.

    Thanks you guys for posting! I may take a little bit to get it done because I am *VERY* rusty and out of drawing practice while also using a new art program. Love all of these cute bbs too!
  7. Aerovanthe

    Free Art: A headshot.

    I have been out of the drawing scene for a while and I want to try and gift someone art, without the pressure of a commission. I am best at canine characters, but I am more than happy to try others! I *cannot* do humans, unless you want a warped pile of what could resemble a face. Just post...
  8. Aerovanthe

    Heroes of the Storm fans?

    Are any HotS fans still out there? With HCG being gone, it is still about the only game I play. I am always look to expand my online family to play with! I am not amazing, but I prefer a good time anyway haha.
  9. Aerovanthe

    Important: Changing Your Username

    Could you please change my name to Spook? If that is taken, please to Aerovanthe. Thank you so much!
  10. Aerovanthe

    Hiring: ISO: Feral Raccoon Character/Adoptable $5-$25

    Thank you both for your responses! Y'alls art is BEAUTIFUL! Pay day is tomorrow so I will be reaching out soon. If anyone else is interested, please don't be shy!
  11. Aerovanthe

    Hiring: ISO: Feral Raccoon Character/Adoptable $5-$25

    I am in search of a feral raccoon adoptable or character to represent my partner for art purposes. (a.k.a. to spend all of my money on art for us.. :D ) I haven't had much luck finding an artist that wants to help with a simple reference and character creation process, so this is my next step!
  12. Aerovanthe

    Changing Forum Account Username

    Bummer. I loathe this account name. Thanks for the response though! <3
  13. Aerovanthe

    [SOLVED] "Nuke" buttons don't work

    You can also just "Select All" and delete it that way. Not the same as Nuke All, but it is VERY fast. Be patient. :)
  14. Aerovanthe

    Brother keeps getting randomly logged out.

    Not sure what browser you're using but is there maybe an update you haven't gotten yet? x_x
  15. Aerovanthe

    Brother keeps getting randomly logged out.

    I would suggest clearing out your cookies and cache. This can create a lot of problems in regards to situations like these and doing that can a lot of the time fix the problem. :)
  16. Aerovanthe

    Greetings everyone

  17. Aerovanthe

    Changing Forum Account Username

    I searched and searched through topics and couldn't seem to find an answer to this. I am certain one exists though. I am wanting to change my account name to reflect some personal changes in my life, so that it is accurate for me. I attempted to make a new account name but I do not want to...
  18. Aerovanthe


    That would be interesting, and quite challenging! Hopefully there will be no need for me to "poop" my head in anywhere!
  19. Aerovanthe

    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Gamertag: Aerovanthe