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  1. Puuki.milk

    (Commission) Selling: Puuki´s CHEAP Shop! 5$ - 50$ [SFW, NSFW]

    Hey guys i do commissions you can order it if you want on fiverr because there is everything safe! If youre not interested to buy something it would support my fiverr gig (site) if you just click on the link (there is no virus or something like this its legit) appreciate every support...
  2. Puuki.milk

    Sfw/Nsfw [$10 - $70+]

    You can order it on Fiverr because there is everything safe pls text me befor you order www.fiverr.com: Access to This Page Has Been Blocked
  3. Puuki.milk

    First NSFW Artwork

    Hey i did my first NSFW Artwork and i rly would appreciate it if you guys give me your opinion. The Problem is im not sure if i can upload it here. So i censored it and the original (uncensored) is on my patreon. :) My Patreon: Puuki.Milk is creating is creating Furry Art & Illustrations | Patreon
  4. Puuki.milk

    Art Trade?

    Heyoooo is there someone who wants to trade ? Here are some of my Art Pieces:
  5. Puuki.milk


    Hey guys im new here . I like to draw Furrys, NSWF, Animes , and more Idk how it works here but i hope you accept me in this community :) Im 18 now and my next big goal is it to move out and start my own life.
  6. Puuki.milk


    Hey guys i would love to know some opinions on my latest art piece :) I rly like it what about you?
  7. Puuki.milk

    Cheap Commissions are Open

    Hello! I´m a young furry artist. This are my prices: Headshot: 10€ Halfbody: 15€ Fullbody: 20€ Ref sheet: 25€ Here are also some examples from my art! For more pictures looked at my Instagram: instagram.com/puuki.milk