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  1. FrisbeeRolf

    How do you wake up?

    Opening my eyes realizing I don't want to sleep anymore, so I get up, brush my teeth, get dress, and go on with the day.
  2. FrisbeeRolf

    Gay cartoon characters

    Why does this question even come up? Stewie is the only one who has made a ton of sexual comments, so he's the only logical choice. None of the other characters were meant to be gay, so they aren't. Also, you left out Sponge Bob and Patrick.
  3. FrisbeeRolf

    so lonely

    You honestly cannot be friends with anyone outside the fandom? Seriously, you might want to take a second look at your life.
  4. FrisbeeRolf

    Narcotics and the Furry Fandom

    Meth is good stuff. You'd be surprised how high you can get from simple stuff like battery acid and pseudoephedrine. God damn that's hard to spell.
  5. FrisbeeRolf

    I vote NO religious debates

    I agree. As a christian myself, I can safely say religious debates are pointless, simply because there are people who believe in more than the physical world, and those who don't. There is no way to make someone who doesn't believe in the human spirit believe. And quite frankly, I don't want...
  6. FrisbeeRolf


    And where is Gaelic on this list?! I demand a revote!
  7. FrisbeeRolf

    Where do you work?

    MickeyD's. I get sent to the back of the store to man the cash window of the drive thru, all alone.
  8. FrisbeeRolf

    If you could punch any celebrity

    Holy shit how did I forget about Jonas Altberg? I'd punch him harder than Mike Tyson if I could.
  9. FrisbeeRolf

    Ignore feature: Why ISN'T it here?

    Doh!! I see it now. I'm sorry... Please ignore this thread and pardon my stupidity.
  10. FrisbeeRolf

    Ignore feature: Why ISN'T it here?

    Then forgive me for being stupid, but where is it exactly? I can't find anything about it on a user's profile.
  11. FrisbeeRolf

    Ignore feature: Why ISN'T it here?

    C'Mon guys. With all the drama that goes on this board every day, why isn't there an ignore user feature? There are some people that we just don't want to see post. They make us rage like hellfire inside. So many flame wars could be averted with this simple feature.
  12. FrisbeeRolf

    If you could punch any celebrity

    I'd like to see you try.
  13. FrisbeeRolf

    If you could punch any celebrity

    A grandmother could probably punch is face clean off and kill him you know. I never fucking said that.
  14. FrisbeeRolf

    If you could punch any celebrity

    Why should I blindly believe everything science says when I haven't seen it work with my own eyes. And yes I'm christian, got a problem with that?
  15. FrisbeeRolf

    If you could punch any celebrity

    Adam is a jerk in the "if you don't believe what science tells you you're fucking retarded" immature sort of way.
  16. FrisbeeRolf

    If you could punch any celebrity

    Adam Savage. He is such a cunt it's not even funny.
  17. FrisbeeRolf


    The word is "pervert". Per-vert. P-E-R-V-E-R-T -a person who practices sexual perversion. [Origin: 1300–50; (v.) ME perverten < L pervertere to overturn, subvert, equiv. to per- per- + vertere to turn; (n.) n. use of obs. pervert perverted]
  18. FrisbeeRolf

    Do you believe in love?

    If you mean the fantasy, fairytale shit about love at first sight and true, undying love, no. Anyone who thinks otherwise is childish. No offense, but if you've ever felt the love you had for someone die a slow and painful death, you would understand. The idea of a soulmate is nothing...
  19. FrisbeeRolf

    college furs

    Snead community.
  20. FrisbeeRolf

    A day well spent?

    A good day counts towards a paycheck.