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  1. Patchclaws


    I have 2 open collabs featuring my scalesona if anyone is interested in ship art with them? anyone is welcome to join! the second one is also a ych so if you want me to draw your character in there for you i can for $5 ;3c
  2. Patchclaws

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Angel Design + Full Ref Sheet - $30 FLAT

    trying to sell this design for $30 <3 really super need the cash. he comes with a full ref + concept art - once bought, you can change design / gender and you may resell / trade art and design are by me
  3. Patchclaws

    Art Trade: LF Art / Trades

    Looking for Trades / Fanart / Ship Art of my scalesona, Patch Artwork Gallery for Patchclaws -- Fur Affinity [dot] net They're pan and single so if you wanna draw your sona / oc with them that'd be really cool!? I have an open collab too www.furaffinity.net: Open Collab by Patchclaws - I'm...