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  1. Aerovanthe


    Hello everyone! I am seemingly forever new to the forums, but have been quietly apart of FA for a long time. I can never seem to remember that there is a forum available, so here I am! I am trying to bring myself sort of back into the scene since my last partner and I split up. I am just a...
  2. Aerovanthe

    Free Art: A headshot.

    I have been out of the drawing scene for a while and I want to try and gift someone art, without the pressure of a commission. I am best at canine characters, but I am more than happy to try others! I *cannot* do humans, unless you want a warped pile of what could resemble a face. Just post...
  3. Aerovanthe

    Heroes of the Storm fans?

    Are any HotS fans still out there? With HCG being gone, it is still about the only game I play. I am always look to expand my online family to play with! I am not amazing, but I prefer a good time anyway haha.
  4. Aerovanthe

    Hiring: ISO: Feral Raccoon Character/Adoptable $5-$25

    I am in search of a feral raccoon adoptable or character to represent my partner for art purposes. (a.k.a. to spend all of my money on art for us.. :D ) I haven't had much luck finding an artist that wants to help with a simple reference and character creation process, so this is my next step!
  5. Aerovanthe

    Changing Forum Account Username

    I searched and searched through topics and couldn't seem to find an answer to this. I am certain one exists though. I am wanting to change my account name to reflect some personal changes in my life, so that it is accurate for me. I attempted to make a new account name but I do not want to...
  6. Aerovanthe


    Hello everyone! I am new to this community, but I figured I'd pop my head in and say hello to everyone. I look forward to getting to know you all. :)