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    Furry Anime

    Now on to the rest of the anime Saikyou Kamizmode This is an anime I ended up finding one day that was made last year. It's a Mon type anime where the Mons are basically Sumo, or Sumo fighters to be precise because of the crazy powers they have, and the humans help them out by beating on their...
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    Furry Anime

    Before I talk about the other anime I found I want to point this one out. This anime is Semi-Ecchi, which is semi-pornagraphic and not full on pornographic like Interspecies Reviewers. Those Who Hunt Elves is a 90s anime about a group of humans trying to find a way home after the High Elf...
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    Have anyone seen Anime and Shows that has humanxanthro couples as a plot or side plot?

    Discovered that the Jewelpets show in the Sunshine season where there's a guy and a rabbit girl fall in love with each other and at the end of the show he becomes a Jewelpet himself to be with her. Here's the music video about them:
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    Have anyone seen Anime and Shows that has humanxanthro couples as a plot or side plot?

    Somewhat agree. Anyway I found this show called Harry and Bunnie that, like Rimba Racers, even though they have a Netflix they put the show on their on their very own Youtube channel. What's kinda hilarious is that when Bunnie's Love Interest, Katty, appears for the first time, Bunnie must...
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    Furry Manga and Certain Animal Manga List

    Thanks for the entries, some of those sound like they're pretty fun to read. I gotta put in my own entries soon. Sorry, but no. Because there's so many of them that they don't really count as furries for much. However, it's not like you're not allowed to make a thread specific for them or a...
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    Beastars: Haru's Most Terrifying Smile Yet

    And then, nobody heard from Juno ever again.... Context: Juno just met Haru for the second time and before she left Haru stopped her to ask for help on the garden. This picture is a moment where you don't what she's planning at first when she stopped Juno.
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    Is there a good place to talk about NSFW stuff here?

    I can't seem to find an Adult only thread or subforum where people can talk about things like hentai sites. I'd like to talk about a hentai that claims to be non-hentai about Gatomon waking up to find an digiegg under her and the Digidestined discuss which Digimon is the father among them.
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    Furry Manga and Certain Animal Manga List

    Animal Manga Saint? No, Just a Passing Monster Tamer! ~The Completely Unparalleled Saint Travels with Fluffies~ Other Name: Seijo-sama? Iie, Toorisugari no Mamonotsukai Desu! ~Zettai Muteki no Seijo wa Mofumofu to Tabi wo Suru~ 聖女さま? いいえ、通りすがりの魔物使いです! ~絶対無敵の聖女はモフモフと旅をする~ This is a really...
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    Furry Manga and Certain Animal Manga List

    Okay time start with the manga I finished reading and then go from there. Furry Manga Love Allergy Syndrome Other Name: Koi no Allergy Syndrome Аллергия на любовь 恋のアレルギー症候群 Okay this time I will link the manga page where I found it from since Mangadex isn't full of potential viruses like...
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    Furry Manga and Certain Animal Manga List

    Furry Manga 災い狐のくずれちゃん|COMICリュウ (comic-ryu.jp) Other name: 災い狐のくずれちゃん<第1巻> I don't know this manga's official name since this I found this from Japanese twitter, but the website is listed Kuzure chan. As far as I know, Kuzure is basically the name of the more ghostly and dangerous version of...
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    Furry Manga and Certain Animal Manga List

    It's nice that this thread has been given life, even though I kinda posted these two already, especially since Inari has her own thread. ^^; But I appreciate the contribution nonetheless. Now I'm about to list over 100 manga that I found since.... the entire year? Wow, I never knew I took...
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    Lino: An Adventure of Nine Lives (Movie about a guy who actually becomes his Mascot Character)

    Here's a movie that came out last year, that I didn't know existed. Like I wrote in the title it's about a guy who works as a mascot character of some child daycare that actually becomes that character. After taking his complaints to the wrong person who misinterpreted his wish, he ends up...
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    Somebody! Anybody! Please Translate the Manga: "I Want To Seduce The Hero Kemonar!" (Furry Fan)

    A few months ago I noticed this manga ended up releasing the second volume of this pretty great manga which is shown in this picture. But so far only 2 chapters have been fan translated. This manga is about about the black hair girl with glasses who had a crush on a friend who became an...
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    Furry Anime

    So I'm a Spider, So What? AKA Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Is out now, and it seems like one of the girls was reincarnated to a cute dragon pet as well. So after watching the first episode, I think I can accurately guess the format will be that 80% of the show will be about our protagonist while...
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    Sunset Blade: Anthro Kitty JRPG with a free demo in its Kickstarter.

    Sunset Blade by GatoLodge — Kickstarter The game looks pretty interesting and was seemingly made a developer who both understands English and Japanese. According to the page, this game was inspired by Dragon Quest, Lufia, and Shin Megami Tensei (probably it's difficulty and your necessary...
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    Mad Rat Dead: A Rhythm Platformer About A Dead Rat Who Uses His Second Chance To Relive His Final Day To Get Revenge On The Scientist Who Killed Him

    She sure is, it took me until near the end of the game to realize that the red circles are her blush cheeks not a stylized way to draw her nose and whiskers. I'm happy to report that at least Japan is giving the attention it deserves, but if you know Japanese culture they really do like their...
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    Furry Anime

    Found this anime called The Midnight Animal while browsing My Anime List, to look for a specific anime. It came out 7 years ago. https://myanimelist.net/anime/18919/The_Midnight★Animal According to the site, it's about trans anthros talking about what it's like to be trans, I think.
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    PSO2: Ladies and Gentlemen, We Can Now Have A Costume About Space Dragons With Boobs

    Since the start of Last Tuesday, more costumes and accessories from the Japanese Contest winners are now available Globally, one of which is Large Breasts accessory aptly named Ballooned Bosom. Since the ARKs Sadeenian Suit (and maybe even certain Rappy Suits) is one of the few costumes that...
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    Have anyone seen Anime and Shows that has humanxanthro couples as a plot or side plot?

    Oh yeah, those two count since it does have theses couples getting together even though in Howard's case it was a hopeful ending that they may really get together. I kinda don't think it counts since the characters in these shows involve more of Kemono-mini (Little Bit Beastly) characters...
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    The Best "Oh no" Baymax Has Said in the Entire Series of Big Hero 6

    While infected with a Virus that makes him speak with a British accent like he's a sorcerer from the Middle Age, Baymax's signature "Oh no" has a very dramatic upgrade. Too bad I can't properly use this as a good reaction to things because I don't have a Twitter or how to properly make gifs...