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  1. Blekarotva

    When sketching, do you use a tablet, or pencil/paper?

    what size of paper do you draw on? When I fear I will run out of space I use a 57x37 sheets, and if I feel I'll need more space I get the 100x70cm type. Don't ask me about scanning the later :I I've been looking to buy one of those huge paper roll that have about 50mts but so far I haven't come...
  2. Blekarotva

    So FA is 10 years old...ever going to update the site?

    If we're getting editable comments I hope we're also getting the option to disable comments on submissions.
  3. Blekarotva

    Help on this forearm?

    nice to know you'll be taking my advices! It's more encouraging to give feedback when people is willing to take it c: As for the clothes, I think so. What kind of clothes is he wearing? is it hard like a leather jacket or soft like cotton fabric? the relfections and folds are different between...
  4. Blekarotva

    Help on this forearm?

    Glad I could help, and it's great to know you're willing to take more constructive critiques! Looking better at your drawing I could identify a fundamental underlying issue; the structure of the shapes can be improved more. Working on the structures of your shapes your shading will improve and...
  5. Blekarotva

    Help on this forearm?

    I'm quite tired so I'll skip the above responses - I made a quick redline of the musculature https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/vt2mh4vqvuhn273/Untitled-1%20copy.JPG?dl=0 the wrist should be narrower since there're almost no muscle in it, you can feel your bones. If you ever want an almost...
  6. Blekarotva

    So FA is 10 years old...ever going to update the site?

    Yeah, and it's sad. Right now I'd rather browse e621 than FA, I can filter all the stuffs I don't want to see without fearing that something is misstagged or put under the wrong rating. Allowing users to be active in the tagging system is something I'm liking (not just because I'm lazy tagging...
  7. Blekarotva

    When sketching, do you use a tablet, or pencil/paper?

    Both. It took me a few months to learn to sketch on my tablet and even more to like how the sketches came out. It was easier when I started experimenting with brushes that imitate the pencil look/texture, however I prefer how my pencil sketch look over my digital ones.
  8. Blekarotva

    So FA is 10 years old...ever going to update the site?

    Never said I didn't want folders, I was expressing my prefered priority. The lack of folders never has grossed or creeped the hell out of me (using adult and mature filter).
  9. Blekarotva

    What canvas size do you usually draw at?

    5000px for half bodies and up to 10000px if it's an scene. I work on such big canvases out of pure comfort, there's no reason to work on such big sizes unless you're going to do big prints. Then resize to 1200px for FA, 2000px for my site and 3000px-4000px for the costumer so they can make...
  10. Blekarotva

    So FA is 10 years old...ever going to update the site?

    I know, I've been here since 2007 I agree, I could care less about folders if we had a tag blacklist system.
  11. Blekarotva

    So FA is 10 years old...ever going to update the site?

    The new ui is supposed to be coming Soonâ„¢ Don't hold your breath though :v
  12. Blekarotva

    Who said Gimp + mouse sucked?

    you can do really nice drawings with a mouse, this is something I did back in 2008 with a one, the pen tool is amazing :V
  13. Blekarotva

    Lets say you HAD to paint anthros in another style...

    Don't forget turds in jars. Velazquez and Lucian Freud for their brush work and Guayasamin for his colors (internet photographs make no justice to his paintings)
  14. Blekarotva

    The "Google meme"

    Neither I do, nor I like the avant-garde artists, conceptualism, minimalism, ready-mades, pop-art (I want to punch in the face anyone that adores Warhol), etc. But I was given historical context to understand them, and I don't think they're the assholes. I think it was the snobs and the people...
  15. Blekarotva

    The "Google meme"

    Duchamp's artwork had way too much to do with his context, trying to imitate him without fully understanding his relation with his historical moment on the art insitution is really bad, and it's even worse if someone is teaching how to do this works but won't teach the history. Can't say I...
  16. Blekarotva

    Unable to send notes or submit journals

    same here, the "submitting..." button while creating a new journal stays stuck forever
  17. Blekarotva

    "Sorry, you have been blocked" ????

    I'm not in Rusia and I'm getting this error while trying to reply to a note Not to mention I've been getting a bunch of CF errors while trying to submit anything
  18. Blekarotva

    Commission Offer starting at $17!

    Hey there! Thanks for visiting this thread! I'm holding an offer with limited slots Prices start at $17 for icons, there's a variety of styles and prices for you to choose from! More info: HOW TO ORDER / RESERVE A SLOT Remember to read my ToS here http://valentinapaz.com/tos/ Email me to...
  19. Blekarotva

    Connection Issues: FA down again?

    yup, same here twitter info https://twitter.com/furaffinity
  20. Blekarotva

    Commision Art Revenue

    Even if someone gave you actual numbers, it wouldn't be of much use to compare, because getting commissions depends on too many things, starting by watchers base, style and if the artists does fetish/nsfw art. In my case during the course of this year, I never do enough to match minimum wage in...