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  1. Kite512

    A few of my latest works

    I've been going hard on trying to improve lately and I thought I should share a few of my favourites with you all! www.furaffinity.net: Dragon Age: Foxquisition by Kite512 www.furaffinity.net: Woof! by Kite512 www.furaffinity.net: Omnirok by Kite512 www.furaffinity.net: Take My Hand by Kite512...
  2. Kite512

    Hey there!

    So uh... Yeah, hai! I decided that I really need to try and make more furry friends and fight through my anxiety. So, my name is Kite! I'm a black fox from the UK! I'm an artist and I've been doing commissions a bit lately. I also went to Uni to study to become a video games designer, currently...
  3. Kite512

    Skyrim Special Edition!

    The Special Edition has just been released here in the UK and I assume it will be in the US in a few hours. The updated graphics are looking pretty good, and now that it's in 64 bit we can pile on wayyyy more mods now. Who's looking forward to another playthrough?
  4. Kite512

    Selling portraits and full body digital paintings!

    Hey everyone! Lately, I've been getting more into commissions and stuff, and I've been trying to get more involved in the furry community. I wanna make new friends and stuff. Anyway, I have commissions up for grabs right now! They're fairly cheap, at the £15-£30 mark depending on what it is you...
  5. Kite512

    Cheap, Quality Commissions

    Hey there! Budding artist here, wanting to show off the skills he's learned doing this Games Art course. I've got some good quality, cheap commissions available at any time. I've been struggling a lot this past year or so getting commissions and could really use a boost in business, be it that...