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  1. Alchera

    The Ultimate Sonic Fan?

    I'm sure you guys will love this story. From CNN: A boy and his...hedgehog. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2009/01/03/pkg.hedgehog.love.ktka That kid must seriously love Sonic more than the average ultimate fan.
  2. Alchera

    MFF Badge Slots OPEN!

    For anyone that is attending MFF 2008 in Chicago this November, a chance to have a badge done by me is officially OPEN. All Badges are 30$. If you are buying more than one, the second badge is 50% off. Limit two per order. All badges are printed on PVC card, and come with their own protective...
  3. Alchera

    Submission Deletion

    Submission Deletion (OP Requests Closing Thread) I'm not sure if anyone has addressed this potential improvement. Are there any plans in the future to implement the ability to delete more than one submission at a time without having to go back through your entire gallery, doing so one-by-one?
  4. Alchera

    If I Might, Just For A Moment

    I don't post here very often, and I've my reasons for not doing so. However...however, for the situation everyone is dealing with I'd like just like to give people something to consider and think about. Before anyone--anyone--jumps to conclusions that I am defending someone, or chiding others...
  5. Alchera

    Management of User Comments

    This is something which has irked me for a good while, though from what I understand there has been discussion about it before. Users already have the ability to delete page shouts, so wouldn't it be also a given a user would beable to delete user comments on their own gallery or journal so long...
  6. Alchera

    If you could invite 10 people to dinner...

    If you could invite 10 well known people in history to dinner, who would they be? I just thought I'd ask out curiosity. And, why would you? For me, this list would be: 1. Temujin 2. Salah al-Din 3. Benjamin Franklin 4. Edgar Allan Poe 5. H.P. Lovecraft 6. Adolf Hitler 7. J.R.R...
  7. Alchera

    When Pigs Rule The World

    Well, not really, but here is a video by Glukoza Nostra that I found months ago and I wanted to share this find with the rest of the community. Its pretty wierd, and involves...pigs...lots of pigs.... http://youtube.com/watch?v=34guCUo4Okg
  8. Alchera

    New here.

    I just wanted to say that I am new to this community. It is about time that I started associating with my own type of people instead of trying to fit in elsewhere. So...how is everything?