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  1. Seiko


    Hello, I am looking to hire someone who can draw humans and can do a reference sheet. I currently am just looking, I really don't have a budget rn, I don't plan on spending more than 60$. I would like to pay around 30-40$. Again, I won't be hiring right away, chances are you can drop your...
  2. Seiko

    Seiko's Digital Art Shop 5 - 40 $

    Hello! I'm Seiko. I am a feral artist, slowing progressing into anthro and human art! I offer : - Digital Artwork - Streaming by request - Emailed WIPS by request - Paypal payment - Many options to choose from! My terms: You can repost bought art but it is MY art. You must not take credit or...
  3. Seiko

    Animated Pixel Commissions | 5 - 10 $

    Hello ! I am offering animated pixels. Here are the examples: Sta.sh Uploads 181 Please click on them to view them ! Here are my rules: Rules: You can repost bought art but it is MY art. You must not take credit or use it commercially. If you DO want to use it commercially please contact and...
  4. Seiko

    5$ Sketch Commissions

    Hello! I am currently offering simple sketches for 5 dollars usd each, paypal only. I work fast on these so they can be done in a jiffy and I am friendly! Feel free to ask me for any progress, but that probably won't be needed! Here are some examples: Sta.sh Uploads 74 You can contact me by...