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  1. Rock E.Horror

    Anatomy and color on this pic.

    This is my second try drawing a female character, this picture is just a sketch, so i want to improve it before i continue. I need critiques about her anatomy, and about the color and shades. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17342653/ As my second try, i still need to know female anatomy a bit...
  2. Rock E.Horror

    Advices for making comics.

    Comics have always been something hard for me, drawing the same ultra-detailed character for atleast five times is hard, so im seeking for some advices, how to make characters easy, and also a good style for the comic.
  3. Rock E.Horror

    Good sites to post my art?

    I was thinking on using deviantART, but is very big and also is easy to get confused, so im searching not only for furry-art pages, just art in general. Should i use deviantART anyways?
  4. Rock E.Horror

    "Idea Finder" (first story)

    this is my first story, be as rough as you can with the critics, thats everything i want. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17107668/ Im planning to make more, but first i need to improve, otherwise i would be doing lots of bad stuff. Also, should i put the story in the description, or...
  5. Rock E.Horror

    Need help with shading.

    I've been trying to use shades on my drawings, so i made two pictures to practice it. This is the first one, https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17105990/ i just wanted to try shading, thats why the character is so low-quality. In the second one, https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17105919/ i...
  6. Rock E.Horror

    How is my art looking?

    Well, after spending months here, i noticed that i should show my art here, and ask for critiques and advices for my art style. Here, the link to my gallery. https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/namelessweasel/ I dont have to much pics; i'd better ask how to improve them before i draw more, Also...
  7. Rock E.Horror

    First female drawing

    I've been drawing several female drawings on my sketchbook, they dont look good, maybe because i am not good with female anatomy. Here's one pic of her. She is some kind of Fox, a Russian fox, with a curled tail. I need to improve her limbs, her hips, and her breasts. Thats all, Bye!
  8. Rock E.Horror

    I need help drawing fur.

    As everyone knows, a furry is not a furry without fur, so... i noticed that in my drawings, i dont draw fur, i just paint it. I need to know how to make fur look more like... fur, and how to give some volume to it. Thanks for reading!
  9. Rock E.Horror

    Seeking for advice

    I´ve been really into stories and fanfictions, and i need some advices before i start doing mines, BECAUSE, I dont want to become a LULcow. I want to know how to avoid grammar errors, plot holes, bad plot and that kind of stuff. I hope to get helped, 'cause i have lots of stories writen, but...
  10. Rock E.Horror

    My first attempt with SAI

    Hello, i started using SAI because people say that is better than the paint tool i used to use, paint.NET, and i did my first Full body picture with it, is an improved version of the very first pic i did. Here is the picture. (its a little big) In this pic, i tried to improve His anatomy (i...
  11. Rock E.Horror

    Jason, a little weasel

    This is the information of my Fursona (yay). His name is Jason Stillson, the weasel, He is barely 18 years old, He is male, he heights 1,71 meters and he weights 73 kg. His appearance: He has short black hair, and grey fur, he has three freckles in the sides of his face, he has orange eyes...
  12. Rock E.Horror

    Hello, frauleins!

    Well, hello everybody!, i have been into the furry community for at least 5 months, but i joined FA 2 months ago, and i just discovered the thread forum 3 weeks ago. I started with this furry thing because, i wanted to make a game, i was out of ideas, so i decided to make it furry themed, FNAF...
  13. Rock E.Horror

    How can i improve my art style?

    INTRODUCTION (yay!) I joined the furry community just a year ago just because I like to draw, and I also love the people in the community. So... i created a FurAffinity page 2 months ago to upload my art, buuut , i think it needs something, i want to get criticism about it. Here, an example...