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  1. FourLetterWord

    Toxoplasmosis is the craziest thing

    http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/sapolsky09/sapolsky09_index.html http://www.physorg.com/news200164470.html Holy lol there's way too much in there to quote, just click that article and be amazed at how bizarre life is. If you're wondering why a thread about a parasite belong in the den...
  2. FourLetterWord

    Midwest Furfest?

    plannin on goin to this
  3. FourLetterWord

    What did you think about Obama's health speech on Sept. 9th?

    this is shaping up to be clintoncare all over again what the fuck obama you suddenly catch a case of the cant control your goddamn message? public option isnt an essential part of healthcare my ass, it's stunningly obvious where the waste in our system comes from to anyone even remotely...
  4. FourLetterWord

    What does Furry have that matches PA?

    furry apparently contains people with little enough taste to enjoy penny arcade HEYOOOO
  5. FourLetterWord

    Planning on using an Ouija board

    whoever invented ouija boards is a goddamn genius an untestable supernatural event irrisistable to the gullible supersitious, and it costs money? brilliant
  6. FourLetterWord

    4:20 poll

    to answer the thread, "any; as much as possible" so the solution you have to the problem you percieve is to do as much of the problem yourself as possible?
  7. FourLetterWord


    hahaha "intensely... home-made." out of all the criticism you could level at Maddow, calling her dumb rings the most hollow--she's very clearly not that
  8. FourLetterWord

    Sonic fan characters, worthy or not?

    there's nothing sadder than a highschool+ age person interacting with, creating, supporting, or otherwise doing stuff with sonic/harrypotter/whatever fan characters throw off the goddamn training wheels
  9. FourLetterWord

    Dawntide beta applications (this is why I put "game developer" in my profile :3 )

    Dawntide does have a central story, at least in a sense, but that lore is pretty secret and will be the focus of in-game areas and quests and events and such. If ends up doing it like on the EQemu (Shards of Dalaya), there'll probably be a few extensive major quests that progress the main...
  10. FourLetterWord

    Dawntide beta applications (this is why I put "game developer" in my profile :3 )

    Hahahaha, yeah sure, just pull the plug on the project because Some Random Internet Person has Made A Post and it looks like he Doesn't Understand How Niche Markets Work Free servers can run off nothing but donations for many years It helps a lot having a pre-existing population that can more...
  11. FourLetterWord

    straight furries here?

    there are more straight people than gay people in the furry fandom, just not more straight than gay+bi combined :O
  12. FourLetterWord

    Dawntide beta applications (this is why I put "game developer" in my profile :3 )

    Some articles about the beta that provide more info than I put in the post: http://www.massively.com/2009/07/28/civilization-building-mmo-dawntide-sets-sights-on-closed-beta/ http://www.curse.com/articles/dawntide-news/524081.aspx
  13. FourLetterWord

    What is the best F2P MMO?

  14. FourLetterWord

    The Team Stacking on Furry Pound

    the only time the teamstacking is ever really that much of a problem is if there's a blob of admins or respected players doing the stacking that baaawwww about any attempt to stt, which does happen but is becoming less frequent some of them are quite good about noticing stacks and trying to...
  15. FourLetterWord

    Dawntide beta applications (this is why I put "game developer" in my profile :3 )

    What? No, they have a full team and investors and everything.
  16. FourLetterWord

    Dawntide beta applications (this is why I put "game developer" in my profile :3 )

    It's made with the same base engine as Oblivion, so that makes perfect sense :D I'm not really knowledgable about the hardware end of things, though I'd guess that if you can run most modern games you can probably run Dawntide. MMOs generally aren't the most demanding things, hardware-wise.
  17. FourLetterWord


    more like moral "never gets to try out being" high ground HEYOO
  18. FourLetterWord

    My U.F.O Encounter at July 4th :O

    strange objects in the sky on fourth of july i wonder what they could be hrm hrm hrmmmmmmmmm hrmery
  19. FourLetterWord

    "Furry Pride"?

    idk, furry pride seems better than furry shame but most of the time it ends up being done really shittily can we get furry acceptance? not among outsiders, i mean just among furries, because we don't even have that yet.