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  1. Bearwizurd

    Come and join us to the Fur Club ! [Discord Chat]

    Hey there peeps and furballs, Bearwizurd here, I've disappeared from FAF for a long time, but for a good reason ! I found a foox's Discord server ! From pep talk to shit posting, normal conversation to sharing experiences, this server is really great to be in ^w^, so with Lord Karma Foox's...
  2. Bearwizurd

    How can I get better ? Critique/Review [SFW Pixel Art]

    After pixel arting on furries for 2 months, I'm starting to feel stuck...I know I can still improve... But in what domain ? How can I get better ? (Should I just become faster ?) I'm using MS Paint and Gimp www.furaffinity.net: ShwintyKat - Shwinty bust by Bearwizurd www.furaffinity.net: Xing...
  3. Bearwizurd

    My first commission (was free art) : A squid butt ! (+important question at the end !)

    Was made for : Userpage of xingtian -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ! Was really a lot of fun to do... It was both my very first butt shot and my first comm', though I still didn't do any NSFW ! Check this butt out : www.furaffinity.net: Free art for Xing Tian - Squid Butt by Bearwizurd I'll do more...
  4. Bearwizurd

    Bear Wizard ! Comming through !

    I'm new to FA and its forum, so I'd thought I'd drop here to say hello to everyone... :3 Let's make this simple ! I am a french-cooking-tea-loving-pixel-arting-friendly-hug-needing-RPG-GMing-Bear-Wizard (IRL or not, according to everyone)... Nice to meet you too ! . I do enjoy them furry peeps...
  5. Bearwizurd

    Give me something to chew on ! Working on lottery one... Lottery two RESULTS !

    Huzzah ! Howdy everyone ! As mentionned above, I'm a pixel artist who seeks to improve. I planned on making portraits/profile commissions but before getting into it I wanted to see if I could actually handle taking requests from people. And since I must train myself on many kinds of...
  6. Bearwizurd

    First FA post Critique/Should I try making commissions ?

    Huzzah ! Howdy everyone ! It is my first post here and I'm completely new to FA... But oh well... I am a pixel artist who mainly uses MS Paint and GIMP. I recently had a lot of fun doing pixel art portraits (though it took me almost half a week for my first furry portrait). So I wondered...