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  1. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Meisu Needs Art (Maybe Spetzz too)

    (Sorry, messed up last thread title) Alright, I need some art of my Fursona and maybe my sub-Fursona too, PLEASE. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3320720/ (Meisu) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3320695 (Spetzz Both of them are Tayras. But Meisu is more specifically a Taymon, which is a...
  2. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Redundant, But...CT Furs?

    This thread's gonna die in a deep dark whole, but I'm makin' it anway. Any CT Furs out there that live close to East Windsor?
  3. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Furry Soap Opera & Talk Show

    This popped up on another thread, but forgot which. Anyways, Furries can be such drama llamas. I swear, sometimes we need our own talk show & soap opera. Soap Opera- One Life To Yiff Talk Show- unnamed Edit: WOW, NO HATEMAIL YET
  4. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Just a Thought

    Don't reguard this forum as all to important, it's just a statement of observation. You know wat we Furs need maybe? A dating site. Like eHarmony or Match.com. I've even seen a dating site for vampires before. No lie. Go about your business. Just a thought for the day.
  5. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Need Art and/or Ref Sheet of my Fursona please!

    If anyone has free time on their hands and would like to do some art...please, I REALLY need art of my Fursona, Meisu. A ref sheet is most direly needed. Meisu is an Ermon, which is an Ermine Demon. She's Anthro, of course too. I'd also like a little art of Yahiko, if anyone has time. Kyuu-Kyuu...
  6. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Rarf 0.0*

    lolz, Never actually got around to properly introducing myself. Been on FA like 2 weeks now though. So I know some of the runnings and goings on here. Love it all, I must say. Anyways, I'm Meisu. 2-tailed Ermine Demon/Dhole hybrid.
  7. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Badge Question

    Sorry to ask such a noobish question, but I gotta know. Wat exactly are badges for?
  8. 2-Tailed Taymon

    AC 2010: First Con For Me

    In less than a year, AnthroCon 2010 will be upon us. I'll be 18 by that time luckily. So it looks like I might actually attend the Con, which will be the first Con I'll ever go to. Hopefully it'll be interesting and more exciting than staying here at home and killing my brain cells online...
  9. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Fur, Feather, or Scale?

    In my experiences in being a Furry and conversing with others like myself, I have grown accustomed to seeing 5 major "categories" in the matter of species: Furs- Mammals Feathers- Birds Scales- Reptiles & Fish Skins- Turtles & Tortoises Other- Single Cells, Paranormal, some...